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Blog / Finishing 2017 on a High: Announcing New APIs to our Library

Finishing 2017 on a High: Announcing New APIs to our Library

Shiny New API Connectors

We believe we have created the largest data source library available, equipped with hundreds of pre-configured API and file-based connectors. We're pleased to announce the addition of a further twelve API connectors:

  • 1 by AOL Video - a unified solution for multiple advertising technologies that connect publishers, advertisers and consumers. 1 by AOL helps brands optimise their return on advertising expenditure through comprehensive monitoring of campaign performance and deliver highly personalised advertisements across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV.
  • Amazon Marketing Services Product Ads - targeted cost-per-click advertising solutions for Amazon vendors.
  • Amazon Headline Search Ads - an advertising platform that allows Amazon sellers to promote their products and brand through targeted advertisements in Amazon search results.
  • Digistore24 - a highly automated affiliate network and online payment platform that specialises in connecting producers of software and other digital products with affiliate opportunities to help sell their products online.
  • Google BigQuery BigQuery is Google’s enterprise data warehouse for big data analytics. Adverity DataTap can collect marketing data from all your favourite data sources and provides it to Google Big Query for further analysis. Moreover, you can access Google BigQuery as a data source, harmonise it with your other campaign data and provide it to the B.I. software of your choice. Thanks to our native BigQuery connector, we can efficiently load data into any B.I. application from a BigQuery SQL dataset.
  • Hubspot - a leading inbound marketing and sales platform that provides tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and SEO. Hubspot helps businesses grow by helping businesses attract new visitors and improve their lead conversion rates.
  • Klicktipp - email solutions to help improve your email marketing. With Klicktipp, users can track how their email marketing campaigns have been received by recipients and set auto-response messages to inquiries - this ensures that emails only require your personal attention when strictly necessary, giving users more time to focus on their more critical leads.
  • Kochava - an app marketing analytics platform that helps mobile marketers to plan, target, activate, measure and optimise their app campaigns. The platform provides real-time visualisations of your campaign’s performance to help you monitor crucial campaign metrics and identify opportunities to improve your return on investment.
  • MOZ - subscription-based search engine optimisation (SEO) software developer that offers a series of tools to help identify opportunities to improve a website’s search engine rankings to drive more organic search traffic.
  • OpenWeather Map - provides weather forecasts as well as current and historical weather data to web service and mobile application developers.
  • Searchmetrics - an SEO platform for companies and online marketing agencies to help businesses develop and execute inbound marketing and social media strategies with their website’s SEO in mind.
  • Yandex - an internet-related services provider whose search engine is the market leader in Russia and other Russian speaking regions.

Our API library includes connectors for advertising and adserver platforms, analytics tools, social media channels, file-based connectors, web services and databases, retail and e-commerce platforms, website/SEO tools and so much more. You can view our entire API library here.

Google Analytics Reporting API's Resource-Based Quota Beta Programme

We're proud to announce our participation in Google Analytics' Resource Based Quota beta program. Its latest feature empowers Analytics API users to work with a higher sampling threshold and, therefore, an even larger data set for reporting.

The updated resource-based quota system allows a small number of premium users to extend the current threshold while working with the Google Analytics API. According to the Google Analytics Developer Guide, not all requests are treated equally as some require more processing power. The resource-based quota system was implemented to keep the Analytics Reporting infrastructure in place while allowing for higher sampling in exchange for query resource tokens requested by the API.

Google Analytics 360 Premium users can now use a resource based quota of up to 100 million sessions instead of 1 million sessions.

"Thanks to our Google Analytics Tech Partnership, we are able to offer this exceptional service to our clients. As we are working with several global agencies and advertisers, this extra computational power will clearly support us achieving our goals."

Timm Jannsen, Head of Data Integration at Adverity

Why DataTap should be your data integration tool of choice

With Adverity DataTap, you can automate your entire data integration process. Your data will be harmonised into a consistent structure - improving your data quality and allowing you to easily analyse clean data from different platforms alongside each other.

The days of switching between different platforms and logging into multiple accounts are over. Giving you more time to focus on what's really important: getting the most out of your marketing data and generating meaningful insights.

Why not make Adverity your marketing intelligence and analytics solution? Claim a free trial today for more efficient reporting, better decision making and an improved marketing performance.

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