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Blog / Escape the Reporting Jungle by Using Marketing Analytics Effectively

Escape the Reporting Jungle by Using Marketing Analytics Effectively

At #OMR22 we presented how Deutsche Bahn managed to enhance and future-proof reporting of performance campaigns by using our analytics platform.

Out of 1000 marketing experts, about 33 per cent have no confidence in their marketing data based on which decisions are made – this at least is the result of a study commissioned by Adverity. One of the reasons: manual data reporting is far too error-prone and only offers a tracked view of the results of a campaign and no real-time insights.

This is just one of the reasons why Deutsche Bahn, a German federally owned mobility and transport company with rail as its core business, wants to take its performance marketing to the next level. In a masterclass at the online marketing conference OMR 22, digital experts from Deutsche Bahn gave insights into what future-oriented campaign reporting could look like and what advantages it offers for marketing management.

Holistic value-based marketing

Due to the many different channels and – generally speaking – possibilities in online marketing, the whole construct of marketing itself is becoming increasingly complex. For some time now, experts have been preaching that data-driven marketing is the key to long-term success in online marketing.

However, Deutsche Bahn, together with Adverity, is going one step further and has set itself the goal of creating an Online Marketing Cockpit. With this, the company is thinking ahead to today's performance marketing and is not only increasing data transparency, but also forecasting accuracy. In addition, the efficiency in reporting is massively increased, which is mainly due to the reduction of manual efforts.

Since the performance marketing department of Deutsche Bahn no longer uses ROI but VOAS (Value on Advertising Spend) – i.e. the respective value for the different types of campaigns, such as awareness, traffic, etc. – as the measured value for the campaign success, they get a better evaluation of the campaign. In combination with Adverity’s intelligent analytics technology, the company can now react quickly to changes and adjust them accordingly in the campaign.

In summary, Deutsche Bahn’s Online Marketing Cockpit in cooperation with Adverity enables the company to:

  • Increase their efficiency through holistic planning and optimization based on near-time data
  • Plan and optimize their campaigns more effectively through automatic reporting
  • Understand their digital actions holistically based on different KPIs for all AIDA funnel stages and comparability through value-based planning (VOAS).

Support across the entire organization

Deutsche Bahn's advanced performance marketing strategy not only benefits the department itself - the specialist departments, such as long-distance transport, also profit from it and, thanks to the valuable insights, can tailor their offers even more specifically to the corresponding target groups and thus optimize both the product range and the customer journey.

After all, efficient and automatic near-time reporting not only adds value in the marketing department, but also supports decision-making throughout the company.

If you want to watch the whole masterclass, you can find it on our YouTube channel

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