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Sound familiar?


“It's hard to make decisions on fragmented data.”
“Demonstrating the value of marketing to the rest of the business is an ongoing challenge.”
“We wait far too long for reports to be able to make agile decisions.”
Connect all your data with Adverity

Complete marketing connectivity

With Adverity, you get access to the world's largest library of data connectors for marketing. That means you can fetch all the data you need, from any data source you need, and at the exact level of granularity you need it. 

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Powerful ways to align and harmonize your data

Creating a single source of truth from so many different platforms doesn't need to be hard. Everything from aligning dimensions and metrics to converting currencies... even streamlining inconsistent naming conventions can be transparently and fully automated.

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Easily combine and harmonize all your data automatically
Start looking ahead to make proactive marketing decisions

Get proactive on insights

Utilize AI technology to stay ahead of the curve on developing trends and changes in your data so you can make proactive rather than reactive decisions to fully optimize your campaigns

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