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Gain full control over your marketing data

Share ready-to-action marketing insights with any tools or teams to optimize performance.

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Gain full control over your marketing data

Share ready-to-action marketing insights with any tools or teams to optimize performance.

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Trusted by marketing teams and leaders across the globe

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Does any of this sound familiar?


“It's hard to make decisions on incomplete data.”
We can't demonstrate ROI if no one trusts the data.”
“We wait far too long for reports to be able to make agile decisions.”

Why Marketers love Adverity

Without Adverity:
  • Data silos prevent timely decision making
  • Too much time spent manually cleaning data
  • Inconsistent, inaccurate, and incomplete data
  • Dependent on other teams for reporting and insights


With Adverity:
  • All marketing performance data in one place
  • Automated data governance and quality checks
  • Trustworthy, traceable data
  • Quick and independent reporting

Easy data collection with the world’s largest connector library for marketing

  • Leverage automated data integration and handy report templates from all your data sources across multiple accounts
  • No intermediate tools, no lags - just a single source of truth

Explore connector library


Consistent, high-quality data thanks to AI-powered data governance features

  • Use automated monitoring to check your data quality as it is ingested and report on data you can trust
  • No duplicates, no inconsistencies - just a clean data foundation

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Effortless data cleaning with unrivalled data transformation options

  • Easily clean and join datasets in seconds with the help of AI
  • No dependencies, no coding

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Adverity Enrichment Copilot

Full control of your data – flexibly share insights with other tools or teams

  • Sync your BI or AI analytics tools directly with Adverity to analyze or share data as needed
  • No SQL, no IT tickets - just fast results


Need to migrate from an existing tool?

Relax. With Adverity, migration is hassle-free, backed by expert support and implementation teams dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for your business. 

(Spoilers: We've done this before!)



Migrate to Adverity

Blair de Jong

Associate Director, Paid Growth & Operations,


Adverity's team understands the challenges faced by digital advertising and provides tools and solutions that data-driven advertisers can use to tackle these challenges

Daniel Groba

Senior Developer and Data Analyst,


Before Adverity, three full-time staff were required to manually export, download, clean, and unify dozens of reports. Automating these processes created significant time savings and freed up our team’s time to work on more meaningful tasks.

James Hassan

Head of Data and Analytics,


We now spend 90% less time on data management, so we can focus on analyzing this data and bringing more value to our clients.

Jeff Coleman

Leader of Digital Marketing Science,


Since using Adverity, collecting data and creating reports are now table stakes. It’s on autopilot, allowing our team to focus on getting the most out of our data. We’re starting to get more into prescriptive and predictive strategies. If we do XYZ, we know it would make this impact for this specific customer.

Urs Bühler

Online Sales and Marketing Manager,

UPC Switzerland

With all sales and marketing data available under one roof, we can now efficiently analyze campaigns in real-time and take appropriate actions far quicker.

Rachel Mack

Chief Executive Officer,

Digital Matter

Adverity provides Digital Matter with stable and reliable data streams, which makes it easier to develop new capabilities and resources on behalf of our clients.

Philipp Rathmann

Senior Data Analyst,

Vodafone Germany

With the multitude of marketing campaigns we carry out at Vodafone each year, excellent management is essential - not only for the success of each campaign but also for its efficient implementation and analysis... That's why it was of the utmost importance to not only bring management in-house but also to optimize the data quality and the quality of the resulting analyses. Thanks to our collaboration with partners such as Adverity and AWS, we are now able to do exactly that - and still save massively on costs.

Ready to get a full grasp of your campaign performance?

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