Automate data integration from more than 600 sources.

  • Save time
    Eliminate time spent on manual data processing and reporting
  • Improve efficiency
    Get rid of spreadsheets and costly data errors
  • Connect all your data
    Utilize the industry’s largest library of out-of-the-box data connectors

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Transform and distribute data across multiple destinations.

  • Optimize operations
    Transform, enrich and enhance all your data in a single tool
  • Increase flexibility
    Send consolidated data to a wide range of destinations and platforms
  • Leverage your data
    Maximize the value of harmonized datasets to get quality insights

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Accelerate reporting through flexible dashboards.

  • Monitor performance
    Get an instant overview of multi-channel performance
  • Demonstrate value
    Speed-up marketing reporting and shorten time-to-value
  • Democratize data
    Make results accessible to stakeholders across your business

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Uncover new insights with AI-powered predictive analytics.

  • Be proactive
    Discover hidden trends, anomalies, and opportunities
  • Drive growth
    Optimize ROI across all marketing campaigns
  • Outperform competitors
    See further than just point-in-time performance

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We take data security very seriously

The integrity and security of our customers’ data is a top priority. We are fully compliant with international data protection standards such as GDPR and are ISO/IEC 27001 certified for Information Security Management.

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