At a glance

  • Funnel is a good tool for small businesses seeking a way to automate basic data integration use cases.
  • Adverity meanwhile is a more sophisticated integrated data platform that provides more data connectors, advanced data transformation, data governance tools, and dashboarding, making it much more scalable and enterprise-ready. 

Who should use Adverity?

Who should use Adverity?

  • Teams that want to extract a high level of granularity in their data.
  • Teams that use more than just basic data sources.
  • Teams that need to go beyond basic data transformation.
  • Teams that want the ability to integrate, transform, and explore their data in the same platform.
  • Teams that want the ability to scale their data operations as they grow.


Funnel or Adverity?

Who should use Funnel?

  • Teams that only require very surface data from their data sources without much granularity.
  • Teams that do not need to transform their data beyond standard Excel functions.
  • Teams that do not require data visualization or integrated analytics tools within their solution.
  • Teams that do not envisage they will need to scale or grow any time soon.

Features compared

Adverity vs Funnel Funnel vs Adverity
Adverity compared to Funnel Adverity compared to Funnel
Data connectors




Extremely high with enormous flexibility on what you fetch

Low to medium

Data transformation

Advanced and customizable



Fully flexible integrated data platform means customers can grow operations as their business grows

Not really, making it very difficult for businesses that want to grow


Yep! From the smallest to the biggest global businesses, we cater for all needs


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Adverity logo Funnel logo
Adverity logo Funnel logo
Quality of Support



Big Data Connectors



Data Collection



Real-Time Integration



Campaign Insights



Product Direction (% positive)



*Source: January 2024

Adverity vs Funnel - in depth

Data granularity

While Funnel allows you to extract useful data from your data sources, there are limitations on what fields data can be extracted from.

Adverity on the other hand provides a much deeper level of granularity allowing you to go as detailed as you need into your data.


Advanced or basic ETL capability?

If you only need basic ETL capability then Funnel may be a good choice. 

However, if you need to go beyond just basic ETL and apply more sophisticated transformations, monitor and ensure data quality with ease, and be able to access a wide range of data sources at a more professional level of granularity, Adverity may be the better option.

What about data transformation?

With Funnel, data transformation is largely limited to automating the sort of basic tasks that you typically are able to carry out in Excel.

Alternatively, Adverity provides a much more robust set of advanced and customizable transformation options that can cover almost any use case. 


Data quality

While Adverity provides powerful tools for managing your data and monitoring for easy data quality control, Funnel does not provide any features along these lines. 

However, if you have alternate means of ensuring data quality outside of your solution, or have enough time/resource to manually monitor your ingested data for issues, then this may not be a problem.


Funnel is a great tool for basic ETL but can be limiting for businesses that need to scale their data operations and is not considered to be enterprise-ready. 

Adverity meanwhile provides the functionality you’d expect from a fully capable solution, including a management API, advanced notifications, and smart naming conventions - features that are ideal for enterprise businesses or those that need to scale in the future. 

Which is more scalable - funnel or Adverity?

In summary

Funnel is a great specific point solution to quickly and simply integrate and harmonize data and address basic use cases. 

However, it lacks the functionality you’d expect from a fully-integrated solution, such as limited granularity on the data you can fetch, minimal transformation options, and lacks scalability if your business needs to grow. 

In comparison, Adverity provides a much more sophisticated solution with more granularity, more advanced data transformations, and powerful features that let you manage and scale your data operations as you grow.

Need to migrate from an existing tool?

Relax. With Adverity, migration is hassle-free, backed by expert support and implementation teams dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for your business. 

(Spoilers: We've done this before!)

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They said it, not us!

“I've used Datorama and Funnel but they don't come close to Adverity. The platform itself is easy to navigate and the data mapping is fairly flexible which makes it easy to customize datasets for multiple clients and industries.”
- Arlinda B., Director, Data Operations
"Frankly, the service, UI, and ease-of-use for Adverity made it a no-brainer compared to the competition."
- Alex Holt, Director, Digital Advertising - FUEL IMV 
"Funnel is a bit confusing at first glance. It definitely makes sense to familiarize yourself with the tool, especially if you only use it sporadically rather than on a daily basis."
- Anne, Online Marketing Manager, Witt Group

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