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Hassle-free data collection

Automatically collect data from all your data sources.

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World's largest library of pre-built connectors for marketing

Custom configuration with additional fields and enhanced granularity

Automated data integration at any schedule

Consolidate all your data

Leave no gaps in your analysis. Ingest all the data you need for marketing with our market-leading library of connectors.

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Adverity Report Templates

Save time with pre-built report templates

Choose from a selection of pre-made report templates to get only the metrics and dimensions you need and that are compatible with one another.

Powered by AI

Unify data from all sources in seconds

Standardize dimensions and metrics across all data sources with Adverity’s AI-assisted Data Mapping and Data Dictionary features.

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Adverity Smart Naming

Powered by AI

Automate source data monitoring

Eliminate downstream reporting issues with Smart Naming Conventions - the intelligent naming convention tool that monitors source data as it’s ingested.

Want to find out how it works? Check out our video here.

Schedule data to your needs

Schedule when you fetch your datastreams however you like, any time range, any time, and as often as every 15 minutes if you need to.

Adverity Scheduling Data

Bring marketing and data teams together

Authorization Center

Supply credentials and request access from third parties for all your data sources from a single hub, with the option to filter access levels to specific accounts or sub-accounts.

Media Screenshots

Quickly understand which ad creatives are driving the best ROAS by automatically fetching and displaying screenshots next to marketing campaign performance.

Data Lineage

Display exactly where your data has come from, when it was made, and when it has been altered through change history logs and metadata fields.

Multiple Destinations

Push your data to multiple destinations simultaneously and ensure everything is in sync no matter where it is.

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