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Hassle-free data collection

Don’t let data collection hold you back from powerful insights any longer.

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Sound familiar?

Time and resources

“We spend way too much time and resource trying to manually collect and integrate all our data.”

Data source

“For each data source we need to build and maintain custom API connectors – we simply don’t have the time or expertise.”


“Our data has too many inaccuracies stemming from human error – and this makes our data untrustworthy.”

Connectivity features

Data Schema Mapping

Match metrics and dimensions across different tools to create a single, unified data schema so you can improve data quality and get the exact data structure you need.

Activity Monitor

Get a real-time overview of your data sets to quickly identify and fix any errors and ensure the consistent flow of high-quality data.

Authorization Center

Supply credentials and request access from third parties for all your data sources from a single hub, with the option to filter access levels to specific accounts or subaccounts.

Report Templates

Choose from a selection of pre-made report templates to get only the metrics and dimensions you need and that are compatible with one another.

Performance Manager

Always ensure that your data is ready when you need it by monitoring how long it takes to retrieve your data and receive alerts and recommendations for any outliers you could optimize.

Media Screenshots

Quickly understand which ad creatives are driving the best ROAS by automatically fetching and displaying screenshots next to marketing campaign performance.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule when you fetch your datastreams however you like, any time range, any time, and as often as every 15 minutes if you need to.

Multiple Destinations

Push your data to multiple destinations simultaneously and ensure everything is in sync no matter where it is.

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Kamal El Agha

Head of Data, Analytics & Technology,


Don’t just take our word for it

In the area of data integration and transformation, Adverity has shown to be a very flexible and scalable solution, allowing us to collect and process data, and send it to the data storage of our choice or popular solutions for data visualization, depending on client requirements.

Paul Mabb

Trading Manager - Marketing Analytics,

Liverpool Victoria (LV=)

Don’t just take our word for it

Adverity has enabled us to present and interpret our data in a way that aids cognitive understanding, our insights are much clearer.

Candice Wu

Manager - Data Management,

Mediahub US

Don’t just take our word for it

Adverity has allowed our analysts to spend time on what they do best, analyzing and generating insights instead of manual data wrangling

Daniel Müller

Political Data Analyst,

Cosmonauts & Kings

Don’t just take our word for it

Our agency planned to roll out a dashboard on a bigger scale to every new client that was onboarded, so we needed to make sure that new data was coming in automatically. This had to happen at the specified time, so being able to automatically schedule and set up the dashboard solution with Adverity was fantastic.

Philipp Rathmann

Senior Data Analyst,

Vodafone Germany

Don’t just take our word for it

With the multitude of marketing campaigns we carry out at Vodafone each year, excellent management is essential - not only for the success of each campaign but also for its efficient implementation and analysis... That's why it was of the utmost importance to not only bring management in-house but also to optimize the data quality and the quality of the resulting analyses. Thanks to our collaboration with partners such as Adverity and AWS, we are now able to do exactly that - and still save massively on costs.
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