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Sound familiar?

“We spend too much time getting our data from different sources in one place, and not enough time actually using it to make data-based decisions.”

“Getting control over who can access, analyze and edit data securely is a struggle.”

“We struggle to maintain good data governance between internal teams and marketing agencies”

Full data ownership, and access control

Securely share data internally, and with agencies and partners by creating a hierarchy of access levels so the right people have access to the right data at any scale, including enterprise.

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Simplify retail data management with a single source of truth

Automatically standardize and unify data gathered from hundreds of channels and partners into one report using smart naming conventions and data mapping functionality.

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Visualizations made easy

Push clean, harmonized data to the third party tools like Power BI, Microsoft Azure, Google Suite, or use Adverity's dashboards.

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Rest assured your data is secured

Adverity's ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 report confirm that we have successfully established an Information Security Management System to protect all information and data assets for the Software as a Service products offered by us.

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