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Sound familiar?

“We struggle to connect automatically to all relevant data sources and create a single source of truth.”

“Our dashboards are too complex and require too much coding knowledge.”

“We find it difficult to monitor KPIs and optimize campaigns on all our channels.”

Flexible data management

Manage and organize data from multiple sources in a simple and straightforward way. Use our data integration module to automate the collection and transformation of data from over 600 sources.

Benefit from the power of combined and harmonized data to create a complete picture of your company’s marketing performance.

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Flexibility of reporting

Reduce complexity of marketing reporting by pushing your data to your favorite third-party destination for storage, visualization, or analysis.
Contribute to the democratization of data within your whole organization, and share key information with internal and external stakeholders with just a few clicks.

Intelligent data analysis

Combine data from multiple sources and improve cross-channel attribution, to fully understand the market and your customers.

Easily monitor the results of your sales and marketing with our AI-powered features and identify negative trends before they affect your business results.

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