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With fully-automated data integration, Colgate-Palmolive can now optimize advertising campaigns in a more agile way, uncover trends and new insights based on historical data, and focus on extracting value from ad performance data.


Colgate-Palmolive is a consumer products company that delivers a broadly diversified mix of products in the areas of personal care, oral care, home care, and pet nutrition, to customers around the world. Founded in 1806 by William Colgate, the company today has over 34500 employees worldwide, operates in more than 80 countries, and had $15.7 billion of worldwide net sales in 2019.

Key results achieved by Colgate Palmolive

Eliminated manual data imports

All manual data operations have been eliminated, allowing the analyst team to focus on developing new, data-driven insights.

Improved ad campaign performance

Having the right data on time allows optimizations to be made more often, leading to significantly improved ad campaign performance.

Revealed new performance data

With historic data available in one place, the team gained a brand-new view of advertising performance and campaign KPIs.

"Adverity enabled us to free up a lot of time and focus on actually looking into the data, analyzing the data, and trying to identify opportunities, trends, and anomalies."

Allan McLuckie

Online Analytics Manager, Colgate Palmolive


Previously, reporting on key digital advertising parameters was largely manual. Local media teams logged into various ad platforms, collected data, and inserted them into Excel templates to create bi-weekly reports. With no automated flow of information, over 25 people were engaged in this slow, manual process to get reports to brand managers in respective markets and the local agency teams. 

Since it took days to collect and harmonize the data from all their sources, by the time they arrived with the analysts and decision-makers, the reports were practically out of date. Distributed via email, they were clogging up inboxes and increasing the possibility of a data discrepancy. “It was clear that there must be a much better way of doing this”, says Allan McLuckie, Online Analytics Manager.


Thanks to his previous experience, Allan was familiar with the benefits of automating data integration. With Adverity on board, the data integration implementation for priority markets and brands took just three months, covering a total of 45 data sources, including all major advertising sources.

“It was like the flick of a switch,” says Allan, “we started getting the data and using it immediately. The platform did exactly what they said it would do and it was reliable, saving us a lot of time and effort.”

All advertising performance reports are now fully automated, so there is no human intervention needed to ingest the data, saving time for the data teams, and reducing the number of data errors throughout the whole company.


The implementation of Adverity allows teams to easily drill down into granular data visualizations, down to the level of individual ad creatives, so the team at Colgate-Palmolive can make more informed decisions on how to structure future campaigns. 

The sharing of reports is largely simplified, and, thanks to a central data repository, teams can now look back at historical data from past campaigns and benchmark current results against previous performance. With huge time savings eliminating delays in getting the data, the optimization process for ad creatives is much faster. “Now we can see which creatives are performing better after just a couple of days and optimize immediately - instead of waiting two weeks or more,” says Allan.

“Adverity helped us a lot in recognizing the pain points and improving the ways we look at KPIs,” concludes Allan, “We were able to identify the need for improved metrics and to change the way things are tracked and measured, to the benefit of our business.”

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