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Digital political communication agency Cosmonauts & Kings eliminated the demanding work of manually managing data from their clients to spreadsheets. Through Adverity, the team transformed their data process, automating client onboarding and uncovering new ways to improve their campaign strategy.


A first of its kind, Cosmonauts & Kings is a Berlin-based agency specialized in digital political communication. The company connects political issues with relevant target audiences for political organizations and public sector in the digital public sphere. Platform data is one driving force that enables their clients to better position themselves within a specific political conversation.

Key results achieved by Cosmonauts & Kings


Easily automated multiple APIs into one unified platform

Streamlined client onboarding process

Scaled the process for new client onboarding from the database in just a few clicks

Focus on insights

Discovered new and innovative ways to segment data and improve campaign performance

"Our agency planned to roll out a dashboard on a bigger scale to every new client that was onboarded, so we needed to make sure that new data was coming in automatically. This had to happen at the specified time, so being able to automatically schedule and set up the dashboard solution with Adverity was fantastic."

Daniel Müller

Political Data Analyst, Cosmonauts & Kings


Business was booming for Cosmonauts & Kings, a political digital agency. The Berlin-based agency was rapidly expanding, but their data infrastructure did not match the pace of growth. Their teams were spending too much time wrangling client data into spreadsheets and creating pivot tables to examine the data and produce reports. They craved a better solution to seamlessly connect and analyze the data from various advertising platforms.


By partnering with Adverity, the team at Cosmonauts & Kings were able to automate and simplify data processes. They did not need to go through the hassle of ranking queries and searching for client data. 

From an operations standpoint, Adverity empowered them to handle a large number of clients and accounts at the same time—making their jobs a lot easier. Adverity’s solution ensured new data from client onboarding was automatically scheduled and streamlined to support their dashboards and produce crucial performance reports. 


Cosmonauts & Kings could now connect and retrieve data from various sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok into Adverity’s cohesive platform in a few clicks. They no longer needed to deal with spreadsheets or go into each individual API. This enabled them to focus on meatier projects to drive business growth and improve client performance. 

Adverity’s sophisticated solution allowed the agency to explore new and exciting ways to examine the data. For example, for LinkedIn, they segmented audiences by job title and industry. This breakdown helped improve campaign strategy, provide more specific marketing insights, and elevate their reporting capabilities. 

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