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Dassault Systèmes experienced a total data transformation for their extensive LinkedIn lead generation forms, sourced from over 20 different markets. With Adverity, they automated data collection, increased accuracy, and improved protection of sensitive customer data.


Dassault Systèmes is a science-based company providing solutions for innovation drawn from mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and geology. For 40 years, Dassault Systèmes has helped thousands of manufacturers reinvent their development and production methods to enable sustainable innovation. Their 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a system of operations to run, model, and transform a business.

Key results achieved by Dassault Systèmes

350% boost in efficiency

Full automation of Adobe campaigns templates enhanced workflow productivity

Reduced time to value by 70%

Adverity’s lead generation form data connector collected LinkedIn information in bulk

Enhanced customer security

Minimized access and manipulation of personally identifiable information through automation

"We are now getting significantly better data, significantly faster—a true game-changer for us. But most importantly, we now have much better customer data protection, this is priceless!"

Lucas Riedberger

Media Director, Marketing, Dassault Systèmes


Dassault Systèmes relied heavily on LinkedIn lead generation forms (LGF) to acquire new customers—at any given time, they ran high volumes of campaigns from over 20 different markets. To turn this campaign information into usable datasets for the sales team, they manually collected and transformed it. Gathering LGF information required each dataset to be downloaded, formatted with tracking, and imported into Adobe Campaign—an intense operation that took more than 10 days to complete. This time-consuming but necessary process hindered new opportunities to move quickly.

The lead forms also included personally identifiable information (PII), which meant they needed to prioritize customer security—a step that added to the intricacies of handling the data. With such demanding data complexities, the group needed a better and faster solution to save time and produce usable, accurate data.


A large part of the team’s resources were spent translating data into Adobe Campaign templates. Through Adverity’s LGF data connector, Dassault Systèmes was able to easily collect all of their LinkedIn information in bulk. This automation included the ability to take raw data and instinctively assign a new field to its respective country, such as Germany or the UK.

Adverity’s robust solution relieved the team from having to spend time on this, allowing their resources and manpower to be better spent on business-driving projects. The operational enrichments meant the data was collected, transformed, enhanced and then sent to their S3 data lake and then uploaded to Adobe. With a platform to handle laborious tasks, the team increased workflow performance and data accuracy.


Dassault Systèmes evolved their data collection process through automation and improved overall efficiency by more than 350%. By using Adverity’s technology to quickly gather, format, and prepare expansive data from LinkedIn, they reduced the time it took to transfer a lead to sales by 70%. Removing manual processes resulted in higher quality, more reliable data that was available for teams to quickly access. Automation also bolstered customer security and reduced sensitive PII access and manipulation.

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