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Media group modernizes campaign reporting with Adverity


RTL Germany - at its headquarters in Cologne and at 17 other locations, mainly in Hamburg and Berlin. 1,500 journalists cover all socially relevant topics in an informative and entertaining way. From news to sports, from living to lifestyle, from single to family - RTL Germany reaches 99 percent of the population. With Ad Alliance, the company has the largest German advertising time marketer. Thanks to targeted investments in the areas of tech and data, RTL Germany is strategically on its way to becoming the leading media company in terms of technology.

Key results achieved by RTL Germany

Minimized reporting effort

Democratization of data

More detailed view of ROAS in video marketing

"The data area is becoming increasingly important for RTL. Manual reporting is therefore no longer viable for us and, to be honest, it is no longer in keeping with the times,...With Adverity, we can monitor our data sources on a daily basis and check the success of our campaigns on a daily basis. Adverity's harmonization function also ensures that we can fully rely on the correctness of the data."

Jonathan Norde

Topic Lead Performance Marketing, RTL Germany


The complexity of reporting is constantly growing with rapid digitalization. The amount of content, channels, and devices is steadily increasing with new platforms being introduced all the time. With more than 20 KPIs from 200 campaigns and 3000 ad groups, 15 connectors, and 60 accounts, the performance marketing team at RTL Deutschland would need to complete at least 180,000 lines of manual reporting every day to receive an up-to-date overview of the performance of the campaigns. The use of traditional methods with the sheer volume of data meant that this task was no longer manageable for the team.


To have real-time reporting available with the option to adjust campaigns accordingly, Adverity worked with RTL to develop an automated reporting process. Since then, the data from the various APIs of the individual marketers and measurement partners of the broadcasting group has been automatically fed into Adverity on a daily basis. Here the data is harmonized, structured, and transferred back into the RTL ecosystem. Using this "single source of truth” provides important data for campaign reporting – with the added benefit of being able to share valuable insights across departments leading to more efficient decision-making and success metrics.

The goal of the partnership is to provide overarching, automated reporting where multiple channels and data sources, combined from a brand and performance perspective, can be tapped daily and matched with on-site data to monitor the success and effectiveness of each campaign on a daily basis.

The decision to go with Adverity was based in part on its data protection promise. The Austrian platform works with ISO 27001-certified data centers that store all information with protection mechanisms on multiple levels to optimally secure the data against unauthorized access or loss. In RTL's case, this is the German cloud provider STACKIT.


Since implementing Adverity, RTL has seen a significant reduction in the time spent on reporting. In addition, the quality of reports has improved, which means that the broadcasting group can now evaluate data in real-time across channels and at different levels. In addition, ad groups or even ad content can be included in the reporting. In the area of search, this is a big plus. The ROAS for video marketing can also be presented even more precisely with the introduction of Adverity and the continuously updated databases of the marketing channels can be combined and evaluated with RTL's own data. In addition, confidence in the data has increased ­– this is aided by the Adverity feature of notifications which are activated if an issue with the data is identified.

"Adverity keeps us free to test new channels and tackle issues," says Leonhard Engel, Marketing Manager Performance Marketing at RTL. "The solution is scalable and a new channel can be added at any time, which allows us to test many things. Of course, you have to first get familiar with the tool, but step by step we have built a reporting structure that exactly meets our needs."

The automated process not only saves time and resources, allowing the team to focus on value-adding activities but also ensures that all relevant stakeholders have access to the data at all times. This not only creates transparency but also the flexibility that was not possible with manual reporting, which must be requested again and again.

RTL Germany uses other tools for reporting - the connection of Adverity to the visualization tool Power BI from Microsoft and to Google BigQuery are the next steps to further automate reporting. The seamless reporting process that is envisaged should also make it possible to tailor the individual reports even more precisely to the various stakeholders.

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