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Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, the powerhouse behind top NBA franchise, the Philadelphia 76ers, partnered with Adverity to streamline 130 diverse data sets. As a result, they were able to devote more time exploring new data, improving ticket sales, increasing revenue from sponsorships, and maximizing social media engagement.


Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) is a leading sports and entertainment company, focused on franchises, brands, and venues centering around the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils, and the Prudential Center. HBSE’s mission is to utilize their platforms to unite, uplift, and drive change around where their teams perform.

Key results achieved by 76ers

10+ hours saved 

Time saved a week on data processing

130 data sources

Integrated into a single, unified platform

Improved flexibility

For teams to focus on business growth and objectives

"The biggest benefit is the democratization of the data. Thanks to our ability to expand the data we bring to departmental stakeholders, we’ve been able to ramp up on our social strategies, to understand when and what to post, and maximize engagement."

Braden Moore

Senior Director of Data and Analytics, 76ers


The 76ers wanted to better understand their complex data ecosystems, including online advertising platforms, ticketing systems, and audience engagement. Before finding a solution to transform the process, the data team at the 76ers managed and aggregated 130 data sources into an Excel spreadsheet. It was chaotic, overwhelming, and a big time constraint, taking 10 hours a week just to extract the data and up to a few weeks to connect to a new data source. Also, the fixed timelines surrounding an events-driven industry added to the urgency of the 76ers’ ability to pull and manage the data quickly.


Adverity empowered the 76ers with a single solution to modernize and bring order to a scattered and inefficient data process. An increase in data operations productivity enabled the group to dedicate more of their day discovering high-value insights to move the business forward, instead of manually juggling 130 data streams. The data team used Snowflake’s infrastructure to store data fetched with Adverity, which was then harmonized before being sent to Tableau for reporting. 

With Adverity, the 76ers quickly connected to new data sources through a simple plug-and-play method. By bringing automation to the forefront, the team found faster and repeatable ways to boost their overall data operations while keeping mistakes to a minimum.


Saving more than 10 hours a week on data processing gave the staff more control and flexibility over their day-to-day operations. This allowed them to be free from having to integrate and maintain 130 data sources into an error-prone Excel sheet. The 76ers gained better visibility to new and useful data sources to build predictive models for stadium attendance, including weather forecasts, on-court performance metrics, and social media engagement. A centralized data hub also allowed them to seamlessly schedule data pipelines and set automatic error alerts, contributing further to the overall time saved. 

Braden Moore, Senior Director of Data and Analytics at the 76ers, was ecstatic about the progress, declaring, “It feels like we’ve gained an extra team member.”

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