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Mindshare overhauled the management of their ever-increasing data and real-time reporting capabilities. Using Adverity’s technology, the group freed themselves from manual processes while boosting efficiency in data collection, integration, and analysis for their 100+ clients.


Mindshare Netherlands is the Dutch subsidiary of a global media and marketing services company. With more than 7,000 employees across the globe, Mindshare is responsible for a vast majority of GroupM and WPP's global marketing campaigns.

Key results achieved by Mindshare

Data Automation

Uploading, handling, and processing data from over 70 sources streamlined and transformed

Speed and Accuracy

Accelerated and correct data analysis for 100+ clients

Deeper understanding of performance

Interactive and visual dashboards provided greater knowledge of campaign impact, bolstering client satisfaction

"When I go to a client, I like to go there with lots of data and show them how easy it is to uncover new insights with Adverity. It’s nice to show them that we can reduce our hours and achieve even better results by using the best technology."

Vincent Resink

Client Leadership Director, Mindshare


Marketing agency Mindshare sought after a more productive way to aggregate and examine extensive amounts of data. Before Adverity, the team manually collected data from more than 70 sources and platforms. Using spreadsheets to keep up with 100+ clients was overwhelming and time-consuming. The process involved sorting and updating the data every few weeks rather than in real-time, hindering the ability to make fast decisions and tailor marketing budgets.


Adverity’s platform provided Mindshare with the tools to make key improvements in automation, reporting, and productivity. A single location to collect and integrate their data removed the need for the team to manually copy-paste numbers into error-prone spreadsheets. They were able to make faster decisions after examining accurate, up-to-date data. Instant and visual reporting capabilities also provided a way for teams to deliver a compelling, facts-driven story from campaign results.

A single source for data meant stakeholders across the company had access to the data when they need it, enhancing overall productivity for the entire organization. Adverity gave Mindshare the ability to better serve their clients by providing actionable insights and move with a sense of urgency.


Mindshare modernized their data process, streamlining more than 70 sources and platforms for over 100 clients. The team was pleased to no longer spend time managing and updating tedious data spreadsheets. Removing this hassle opened up a huge opportunity to direct more attention on performance outcomes supported by facts and data. 

Accurate and timely data for visual reports supported a more strategic and customized campaign roadmap for Mindshare’s clients. These overall improvements also strengthened trust within client relationships, furthering future business growth for Mindshare.

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