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Superbet, a leading sports betting and gaming operator, partnered with Adverity to rapidly improve their speed, accuracy and ease of their marketing data and analysis.


Headquartered in Romania and rapidly growing in Poland, Superbet’s retail network spans across over 1,300 shops and offers customers pre-match and live sports betting, slots, virtual betting and lottery offerings. As part of their transformation into a digital-first entertainment company, Superbet has started incorporating marketing automation into aspects of their core business.

Key results achieved by Superbet

10+ hours

Time saved per week on manual data wrangling

Increased speed

Faster access to data

"Superbet moves fast, and with our partnership with Adverity we can ensure our marketing does too."

Petar Puntijar

Martech Manager, Superbet


Without a dedicated team for marketing data, Superbet was unable to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts quickly. They were using a range of other platforms, but tracking and updating across the various APIs was time consuming and at times, impossible due to limited resources.

As Superbet operates across multiple geographies, with localized campaigns in place across various channels, being able to track, analyze and improve their marketing programs is imperative for their continued growth. They had to find a solution.


Through partnering with Adverity, Superbet was able to rapidly improve their speed, accuracy and ease of our marketing data and analysis. Through the ‘plug and play’ approach, they were able easily integrate their data from multiple sources, tweak data and ingest it directly through their data warehouse. 

Not only did this streamline their entire process, but the increased visibility enabled a much smoother governance process over their data sources. Superbet is now able to rapidly pinpoint anything out of the ordinary, and know exactly where to turn to find a fast, effective solution.


Adverity’s intuitive interface makes the user journey easy and understandable. With over 10 hours per week saved through partnering with Adverity, Superbet’s teams are now able to dedicate more time to the marketing activities that matter, performing rapid analysis, creating detailed reports and identifying the quick-wins and long-term strategies to help make the important decisions. 

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