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Through achieving better data visibility, leading agency Havas Middle East was able to accurately target segments and identify the best-performing creatives for their clients. This optimization allowed them to increase views on ads from 40% to 80% in just one month.


Havas Middle East is a global agency of professionals that collaborate under one roof across creative, media, content, data, and innovation disciplines. Each of Havas’ agencies develop strategies to streamline cost-effective marketing campaigns. They aim to make meaningful differences in the brands and businesses they serve and the lives of the people they work with.

Key results achieved by Havas

Sharpened campaign approach

Seamlessly extracted and transformed data to pinpoint and bolster top-performing creatives, improving views on ads

Faster reporting and data analysis

No more waiting on other teams to deliver the data needed for client reports—data is now available with just a few clicks

Reduced ad costs

Optimized data for Twitter ads helped lower Havas’ mobile app installs cost for regional clients

"In the area of data integration and transformation, Adverity has shown to be a very flexible and scalable solution, allowing us to collect and process data, and send it to the data storage of our choice or popular solutions for data visualization, depending on client requirements."

Kamal El Agha

Head of Data, Analytics & Technology, Havas


Havas Middle East had created a client-facing data platform—Automated Data Analytics Manager, or ADAM, which covered client onboarding, setting up targets, and reporting. However, ADAM lacked sophisticated tools to automate updated reports across various ad platforms. The team manually exported CSV files to create reports, which was a stressful, slow, and error-prone process. They also struggled to keep up with constant changes from various APIs. These frustrations incited the group’s search for an advanced platform to overhaul data integration and analysis to serve clients faster and more strategically.


Working to enhance ADAM’s capabilities, Adverity automatically gathered and transformed Havas’ data before it was sent to BiqQuery for storage. The combined data was used to monitor and optimize Twitter ad performance by comparing it to other ad platforms. This enabled the group to measure customer acquisition costs more accurately and empowered a more efficient budgeting plan. 

With reliable data coming in from Adverity, Havas developed custom metrics for clients, including Cost per Quality View. This metric specifically captured the cost of video ads that were watched for longer than 50 percent or longer. Providing this level of granularity allowed the agency to fulfill a client’s particular marketing goals.


The professionals at Havas moved forward with fresh decisiveness, citing facts from a centralized data source to enable campaign optimizations and deliver updated reports. They no longer worried about inefficient budget allocation—the data guided decisions to maximize the best-performing ads and creatives. They were able to lower costs for Twitter ads while increasing ad views by 40% in just one month. 

Adverity’s solution allowed for high-quality data to be readily available with just a few clicks. This boost in agility enabled faster reactions to sudden increases in campaign demands and provided Havas with a newfound tenacity and confidence in achieving client goals.

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