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Adverity Data Transformations

Get consistent data

Effortlessly transform all your data sets for a clean, consistent single source of truth.

Ease of use

Use simple pre-built transformations to solve standard use cases in seconds.

Full flexibility

Leverage custom data transformations with the help of AI to fine-tune how your data is transformed.

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Custom transformation coded for you

Simply explain the changes you’d like to make to your data and then let the gen AI-powered Co-pilot guide you. No coding knowledge required!

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User-friendly no-code transformations

No matter your use case, we’ve got you covered…

Adverity join datastreams transformation

Combine datasets from different data sources. 



Adverity match&map transformation

Map values in a dataset correctly to branches, ad types, teams, and more.


Adverity create/edit columns transformation

Edit columns at scale based on certain conditions.

image (33)

Standardize language.

image (34)

Standardize currency.

image (35)

Standardize location data.

... across your datasets

Want to spend less time cleaning your data?

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Mike Forst

Senior Technical Product Manager ,

The Goodway Group

Don’t just take our word for it

We can focus on the bigger challenges now because we no longer worry about how to move data from point A to B. In partnering with Adverity, we knew we’d be in this together and ultimately, that meant more than anything else.

Maimuna Mosser

Chief Business Development Officer,


Don’t just take our word for it

When I started working at IKEA, we couldn't even achieve 10 percent of what’s possible now. Adverity was one of the key contributors to this improvement. Many of our decisions and the facts we uncovered from our data was processed by Adverity.

Agnieszka Kutyla

Head of Data & Analytics,

Territory Media

Don’t just take our word for it

Before we used Adverity, campaign optimization could only be done in the respective department of the business units. It took the departments up to 2 days to prepare the monthly reports. Short-notice customer queries, for example on overlapping KPIs, entailed significant additional work,...Thanks to automated reporting, we can now use the freed-up resources to optimize existing campaigns and also answer short-term customer queries quickly and in real-time.

Kamal El Agha

Head of Data, Analytics & Technology,


Don’t just take our word for it

In the area of data integration and transformation, Adverity has shown to be a very flexible and scalable solution, allowing us to collect and process data, and send it to the data storage of our choice or popular solutions for data visualization, depending on client requirements.

Candice Wu

Manager - Data Management,

Mediahub US

Don’t just take our word for it

Adverity has allowed our analysts to spend time on what they do best, analyzing and generating insights instead of manual data wrangling
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