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Goodway Group boosted efficiency and productivity with Adverity’s vast integration capabilities. The agency completed new platform onboardings in just a quick, two-week sprint—a previous task that sometimes took up to a year to finish.


At the forefront of the marketing industry, Goodway Group is an agency that delivers holistic digital media strategy and execution. With a dedicated data science and analytics team, Goodway Group provides clients with strategic campaigns, management, and reporting.

Key results achieved by The Goodway Group

Speediness of onboarding new platforms

The ability to fully integrate platforms that used to take up to a year to complete were now finished in a single, two-week sprint

Renewed focus on innovation for clients

Time that was otherwise spent on building APIs allowed for more focus and energy on new innovations for clients

Accurate and trusted data in one place

No longer wasting time collecting data, a single source of truth helped boost productivity and decrease data errors

"We can focus on the bigger challenges now because we no longer worry about how to move data from point A to B. In partnering with Adverity, we knew we’d be in this together and ultimately, that meant more than anything else."

Mike Forst

Senior Technical Product Manager , The Goodway Group


Goodway Group had a full-time team just for building and maintaining different platform APIs. This group was responsible for collecting and moving information from various sources before integrating the platform with client data. Then, they transferred the data into Goodway Group’s CRM to analyze it and finally, prepared client campaign performance reports to share with both internal and external teams. 

In addition to this process, the data staff also kept up daily emails from different platforms about API changes. They’d have to manually update them in Excel and then push them into workflows. To make matters worse, the group was plagued by constant interruptions such as dealing with varying naming conventions from individual platforms, as this isn’t standardized across the industry. Overall, they wanted a faster and more accurate way to get data into Redshift so they could analyze campaign performance results in near real-time.


It became obvious that the agency’s current workflow wasn’t keeping up with business demands. Manually gathering and moving data into Redshift felt like tablestakes and Goodway Group was ready to bypass these tedious steps. In working with Adverity through the trial period, the team was impressed by the expansive catalog of native connectors. The agency looked at other solutions on the market, but felt Adverity’s list of connectors was the most extensive. Therefore, partnering with Adverity felt intuitive, especially because they would regularly need to onboard new platforms while maintaining existing ones. 

Goodway Group believed the speed and ease in which they could add new platforms would allow them to scale quickly. It would also enable their internal teams to work on delivering new, innovative products and services to clients. In order to achieve that, it would be essential to offload as much of the data ingestion process as possible.


Centralizing Goodway Group’s data provided almost instantaneous time saved and better productivity. With Adverity, the agency onboarded two new platforms from start to finish and had them working in the applications for clients and internal teams. Once considered an extensive process that required multiple teams, resources, and a timeframe of up to a year to complete, adding new platforms could now be accomplished in a mere two-weeks. 

Adverity’s solution helped automate data, transforming the staff’s daily workflows and overall efficiency. Letting go of manually collecting data from different platforms felt both encouraging and satisfying. The group experienced a renewed sense of energy and focus to build more sophisticated business solutions for clients. Goodway Group’s Senior Technical Product Manager Mike Forst described Adverity’s solutions as a “night and day difference that completely changed the game for us.”

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