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When COVID-19 stalled operations for all of their clients, analytics consultancy AnalytixLive managed to reinvent their business with the help of Adverity.


Founded in 2001, AnalytixLive is a U.S. data analytics company, focused on providing automated revenue management and pricing analytics for live performing arts and entertainment organizations.

Key results achieved by AnalytixLive

Reduction in time spent onboarding clients

With data integration templates set up, onboarding new clients now takes hours instead of weeks

Increased value for clients

Integrated data allows AnalytixLive to deliver more value to clients, reinforce existing relationships and win new contracts

Faster client onboarding

New services and insights helped AnalytixLive and its clients gain business stability during rough times

"We went with Adverity because they would take care of all the technical stuff. And the support we received made us feel like a real partner, not just a customer."

Anil Malhotra

President, AnalytixLive


In March 2020, with the outbreak of COVID-19, AnalytixLive had to make a pivot from providing revenue management services to the live entertainment industry. “We were hearing more and more about the need to analyze digital engagement data, as they switched to streaming live performances,” says Anil Malhotra, President of AnalytixLive. 

This meant dealing with completely new datasets. Collecting this data was time-consuming, but consolidating it into a single resource was an even bigger challenge. In some cases, it was taking clients up to two weeks to create even the most basic reports on video engagement. “We needed a platform that would make the data acquisition process more efficient for both us and our clients,” says Anil.


Even before the pandemic, the team had to rely on ticketing platform providers to deliver sales data in flat files. So, a simple way to speed up and automate data acquisition was a top priority. 

“Adverity’s ready-made connectors made our client conversations much easier, as we can now integrate data from any of the platforms our clients are using, and do it quickly”, says Anil. 

This enabled the team at AnalytixLive to massively streamline business operations with a new, unified data structure that can easily be replicated for new clients. “The data now comes from all sources on a regular schedule and is stored in a centralized mySQL database. From there it is immediately available and presented in templated dashboards we create for our clients in Tableau”, says Bruce McMullen, Partner at AnalytixLive. 

“With the previous process, onboarding a new client would take weeks. Now we can onboard them and all of their data in a matter of hours,” says Anil. As an independent agency, the reduction in onboarding time has significantly increased the capacity of the team, enabling them to successfully manage more clients.


According to Anil, using Adverity has allowed AnalytixLive to both increase the value they provide for existing clients, as well as drive the acquisition of new clients. “We can now integrate all digital engagement data, regardless of where it sits. From our clients’ perspective, this delivers an important overview of the new revenue streams they are creating. It also gives them a crucial level of certainty and confidence during a very difficult period. As a result, we have reinforced our client relationships, helping us to retain 80% of our client base despite these tough times.”

With a simplified data preparation process, the team also has more time to finding creative ways of using the data to deliver greater value to their clients. Above all, this has enabled AnalytixLive to scale and grow more than previously possible. “I am really proud of how we managed to completely pivot our business in such a difficult situation,” says Anil, “And, more importantly, we’ve been able to help our clients change their focus and embrace new lines of business that will also help them overcome this situation too.”

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