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UPC Switzerland



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UPC Switzerland strengthened their marketing campaign strategy and decision-making agility through Adverity’s data automation. Having accessible, analytics-ready data rescued their team from manual processes while making strides to meet business-driven KPIs.


A dominant player in the telecommunications sector, UPC Switzerland served over 60% of Swiss homes—more than 1 million residential and business customers. In 2022, following several mergers and acquisitions, UPC’s parent company purchased mobile leader Sunrise Communications and UPC was dissolved in favor of Sunrise. However, the convergence of cable and mobile networks will continue to be the driving force for innovation and modernization within the Swiss market.

Key results achieved by UPC Switzerland

90% reduction in time spent on reporting

Automation removed manual processes and expanded cross-channel reporting capabilities

Centralized source of truth

All data from various platforms are now in one place

Greater accessibility to data across teams

Timely, accurate data from all cross-channel campaigns improved collaboration and valuable decisions

"With all sales and marketing data available under one roof, we can now efficiently analyze campaigns in real-time and take appropriate actions far quicker."

Urs Bühler

Online Sales and Marketing Manager, UPC Switzerland


Cable giant UPC Switzerland grappled with collecting and understanding large amounts of data from various channels and platforms. The team lacked an automated platform to manage the information, so they were stuck with copying and pasting sales and marketing performance data into individual spreadsheets. They wanted to quickly issue accurate, updated reports to understand campaign performance rather than spend time and resources on manual data processes.


Adverity’s data integration platform gave UPC Switzerland a more uniformed approach to consolidate and understand the data before it was sent to their visualization tool. Automation supported a more comprehensive view to readily track the complete customer journey across all channels. 

By having accurate and timely data from Adverity, UPC was able to create powerful dashboards which were shared across the organization. UPC’s staff could analyze accurate results immediately instead of dealing with sluggish, outdated data-entry processes. Adverity’s centralized platform breathed new life into the organization’s collaboration capabilities and galvanized stakeholder decisions to ensure UPC could fulfill their goals.


Employees at UPC Switzerland experienced smarter and more efficient work days, as doubt and uncertainty from tedious data processes vanished. Knowing the data was managed and transformed through Adverity presented new opportunities to invigorate marketing campaigns. No longer making second-guesses from error-prone information, the group experienced a new level of clarity for campaigns across multiple channels.

Reports could now be finished in just a few clicks, reducing the staff’s collective energy spent on this task by 90%. Employees also relied on factual sales and marketing reports, specific and relevant to each department’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This elevation of thorough, automated data through Adverity’s sophisticated platform facilitated UPC Switzerland’s ability to maximize campaigns and ROI.

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