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Tired of spending hours creating static performance reports for clients that quickly became outdated, ad agency Digilant turned to Adverity to help reduce staff workload and generate more value for clients.


Established in 2008, Digilant is an omnichannel digital advertising partner, specializing in collaborating with both agencies and brands in the US on defining and executing advertising strategies. Digilant is renowned for their approach to providing value to clients, by taking an original view of consumer insights, campaign analysis, and media initiatives.

Key results achieved by Digilant

Improved operations and reporting

The team at Digilant now spends less time creating the reports and more time analyzing the collected data and deriving insights.

Focus on new ideas and delivering value

Improved focus on delivering value to clients has brought new, data-driven ideas from the team, and additional revenue sources to the company.

Increase in transparency and trust

An up-to-date and clear picture of Digilant’s contribution to campaign success helps a lot in improving the client-agency relationship.

"Now both the account managers and the clients have an up-to-date and accurate view of all the important numbers, and this is the biggest benefit of implementing Adverity."

Wesley Farris

VP of Product, Digilant


The team at Digilant manages omnichannel programmatic advertising campaigns for hundreds of clients of different sizes and across multiple industries. The scope of data that needed to be collected ranged from advertising and media data from DSPs to a large variety of additional datasets from publishers, social media platforms, website analytics, and search performance tools. 

Prior to Adverity, all of this data had to be manually collected from each platform and imported into Google Sheets before creating client-facing PowerPoint presentations, and tracking the agency’s own internal KPIs for measuring success. Needless to say, this process was extremely time-consuming, stealing up to two hours of an account manager’s time each week, per client. Another important driver was accuracy. With many of the data operations completed manually, not only were they slow, but also error-prone - causing not only internal issues but also with clients.


On average, Digilant’s clients are using five data sources: a DSP for programmatic advertising, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and usually at least one other social network such as LinkedIn or Twitter. In addition, they may also include offline non-standard data sources, such as TV or OOH. 

For standard data sources, Digilant was able to use Adverity’s built-in API connectors to start integrating data from those sources and storing it in an Amazon AWS storage. For non-standard data sources, Adverity stepped in and set up an email automation system that schedules sending of data exports, so they can be integrated along with the standard data coming automatically from the API connectors. Data is then stored in an Amazon Redshift database, and sent back to Adverity for visualization and sharing with clients.

As a result, Digilant now offers two types of reporting services to their clients: a quick and easy-to-deploy standard service where the end-users get the data in a standardized Adverity dashboard, and custom-made reporting, for premium clients with specific requirements.


The reporting process is now fully automated, and all new clients get a data-oriented experience with a dashboard that shows the performance of campaigns managed by Digilant. 

“By allowing them to see historic improvements of ROAS and other KPIs, we are building a stronger relationship with our clients,” emphasizes Wesley, “Our key differentiator has always been client support, but I think that the implementation of Adverity has really helped us with ‘stickyness’ when it comes to client relations and satisfaction.”

It has also enabled Digilant to create a brand new revenue stream providing analytics services and custom analytics solutions to their clients. “Some of our clients are still ‘bonded’ to PowerPoint reports,” says Wesley, “but due to the efficiency and the value of the information that the new platform brings, we are slowly, but surely, moving even those clients to the Adverity reporting dashboards.”

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