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Through Adverity’s solution, Fashionette successfully implemented a holistic approach to discern their marketing efforts from over 40 data sources and across departments such as sales and logistics. This comprehensive view empowered fashionette’s team to improve advertising ROI, amplify productivity, and boost team motivation around smart data.


Fashionette is the largest retailer specializing in designer handbags for German-speaking markets. Established in 2008, the ecommerce giant offers a broad range of products curated by fashion experts and thoughtfully marketed through influencers as well as online and offline advertising.

Key results achieved by Fashionette

Reduced time generating reports by 90%

Using automation, the team happily discontinued reliance on manual spreadsheets

Improved agility

Fast responses and campaign optimizations meant quick wins and a better way to reach ROI goals 

Positive shift in employee attitude

Daily routines and habits transformed, motivating the team to work more skillfully through a newfound trust and acceptance in data

"A holistic approach to marketing has been the driving force behind our passion to get the most out of our data. Our expectations for data quality and maximizing gains accrued from our analytics efforts have truly been exceeded."

Maximilian H. Nierhoff

Head of Marketing Technology, Fashionette


E-commerce giant fashionette made record-breaking strides every year but their tools for data integration fell behind the pace of business growth. As a retailer, fashionette collected and managed data from over 40 sources—a demanding workload that required teams to log into various tools, download reports, and copy-paste numbers into sheets. They wanted to let go of this tedious process and integrate the data into a sophisticated, single platform that would serve departments across the organization. It would allow them to gain a complete view of their entire advertising activities so they could easily analyze and strategically increase ROI. This would ensure the company was moving in the right direction.


Fashionette used Adverity to effortlessly tap into granular data through an extensive selection of key performance indicators (KPIs). In order to achieve their goal of increasing ROI, the group required a platform capable of comparing and blending their 40+ data from various sources, including cross-channel information. 

Adverity’s solution provided a standardized structure to allow various teams to work together through user-friendly, individualized dashboards. Intuitive dashboards helped the group to visualize the information while eliminating the need to manually switch between accounts and platforms to access datasets. Rather than logging into various tools to download reports and manage spreadsheets, the team enjoyed daily, automatic reports to rapidly gain meaningful insights. 


Fashionette was able to understand KPIs holistically and across departments through Adverity’s automatic data integration and visualization. They increased time spent on value-driven projects while reducing time spent on generating marketing reports by 90%. They leaned on reliable and accurate KPI reporting from complete datasets to make on-the-fly decisions. 

Before they knew it, the culture was evolving to embrace data and the technology behind it. Fashionette’s alignment across departments meant a clear-cut approach for everyone—use smart data to support the work. All of these efforts helped scale and improve innovation so the retail giant can continue to crush growth expectations year after year.

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