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With Adverity, Vodafone Italy consolidated its extensive online and offline marketing performance. They interpreted campaign results faster and with more certainty, saving half a day per week and one week each month on manual data management.


Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, providing mobile and broadband technologies. The brand focuses on developing products and services to connect people and build digital societies of the future. Vodafone operates in Europe and Africa.

Key results achieved by Vodafone

Automation to free up time

Vodafone’s data team of 20+ people saved half a day per week, one week each month on manual processes

Surge in productivity

Reduced time spent collecting data to work on value-driven projects

Uncomplicated integration with existing BI

Easy way to integrate Adverity with Vodafone’s existing systems

"With Adverity, we were finally able to transition to generating the level of analysis that offers more value to our stakeholders. Adverity’s data integration solution freed up significant time for our digital marketing team, giving us more control over our data and rapid results."

Emiliano Bozzi,

Digital Marketing & Performance Data Analyst, Vodafone


As one of the largest global telecom companies, Vodafone Italy grappled with how to quickly understand performance marketing results from both online and offline campaigns. Data gathering and reporting was a manual process, requiring time and mental effort. The company wanted a more technologically savvy way to unify and extract performance activities. Other teams also relied on this data, so they needed a simpler way to properly route them to lead teams, sales, and call centers. Further adding to the complexity, various departments used different CRMs, so the team needed an innovative solution that could quickly address all of these issues.


Vodafone integrated Adverity to create a single source of truth for all their data data, saving time and manual processes. Combining disparate data from online and offline sources established a more productive way for other departments such as sales and call centers to gain access. Vodafone’s data team appreciated the quick and straightforward setup process, as their existing visualization tool, Power BI, connected seamlessly to Adverity. Furthermore, using Adverity to handle the collection and management of various data streams meant the teams could focus on performance optimization and strategy.


For a team of more than 20, the benefit of automation meant Vodafone saved half a day each week and one week per month. By implementing Adverity, the manual nature of gathering and managing data freed the data team to invest their energy into higher strategy work. Adverity enabled Vodafone to finally connect offline and online data sources swiftly while unifying the systems to existing BI and analytics solutions. 

Across the organization, various teams could now access performance data on demand through dashboards and automated reports, gaining facts and results with a few clicks. Vodafone staff could also create custom extractions, rather than waiting for the data team to issue reports. Increased accessibility through a single source of truth also meant a reduction in sharing sensitive information through emails and other forms of digital communication. The data that once took time to collect from different sources was now always up-to-date and ready to be analyzed. A 75% reduction in manual data work enabled the group to transition into deeper work to strengthen marketing strategies and decisions.

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