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What’s it like working at Adverity? 

At Adverity, we strive for operational excellence; this means aiming for a holistic environment, a collaborative and high-performing workforce, and commitment at every level of leadership.

Our values

We are here to win

Mediocrity is not our thing, so we set high standards for ourselves and each other. Accountability is key; we deliver what we promise, and always go the extra mile for our customers and employees to guarantee the best experience possible at every touch point.

We are all entrepreneurs

A ‘can-do’ attitude is the Adverity way. We dig deep into solutions rather than problems, empowering our people to make decisions with the big picture in mind, always questioning, testing, and adapting when needed.


We help each other to succeed

We encourage collaboration by leaving ego and politics at the door. Speak to the intern the same way as you do the CEO. Stay cool under pressure.

We’re always learning

No matter our backgrounds, we’re all eager to learn, embrace diversity and grow both personally and professionally. Different is what makes us great. Good vibes only.

People first

We live and celebrate continuous innovation every day. But first and foremost, we empower and celebrate our people.

Inclusion & development

As a business, we value passion and commitment and offer the opportunity to learn, grow, and continually improve. We bring together world-class international teams in an inclusive and safe environment that offers diverse cultural perspectives where we can converse and connect.

Sustainability & work-life harmony

We don't believe in a work-life balance as this implies they should be at odds with each other. Instead, we aim for them to complement each other and call this approach work-life harmony.

Agile product development

We are thrilled to work on an exciting product that makes people’s lives easier, while empowering business users to leverage all data and turn it into powerful insights, decisions, and actions. We strive to keep processes short and solve problems quickly.

Failure culture & open door

And when we fail? No one is left alone. We do not condemn our failures, but learn from them and constantly improve. We listen to each other and always find open doors and ears when needed.

What do people at Adverity say?

“What drew me to Adverity is the sophisticated product, but what sealed the deal is the people; seeing the resilience, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and happiness of the employees I connect with.”
Alexander Buttler
Account Manager, New York
“I’m learning everyday at Adverity, and every day is a new challenge. I’ve never known a company that encourages engineers to make a real impact on the product and has such an impressive client base.”
Artur Poninski
Python Engineer, Katowice
“What I appreciate most about Adverity is the openness with which everyone works and that knowledge, experience, and competence matter. You get all the resources to excel in the workplace and in life.”
Jicksy John
Data Scientist, Düsseldorf
“Adverity is the first company I have worked for that actually pays a lot of attention to the feedback culture. Not only initiatives like Feedback Month but also our regular weekly one on ones and quarterly performance reviews.”
Maja Nikolic
Senior Legal Specialist, Vienna
“Since starting at Adverity I have loved the fact that the culture actively understands that we are people with lives outside work, especially those with families.”
Andy Fairclough
Director of Consulting, London
“With support and encouragement coming from everyone on the team and organization as a whole, Adverity is a great company to begin or continue your sales career!”
Lucas Golon
Account Executive, New York
“Working from home, with flexible hours, gives me the opportunity to have a career and be a mum. Previous roles made me feel I had to choose.”
Corinne Ferrie
Product Manager, London
“Thanks to a good work-life balance and flexible working hours, I can safely bring the children to school and back every day by bike and go to ski training.”
Claudiu Fabian Milea
IT Ops, Sibiu

Join a company that puts people first and helps revolutionize the way businesses work with data.

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Adverity Careers FAQ

How should I submit my application?

We kindly ask you to submit your application by clicking on the “Apply Now” button in the job advertisement. Submitting your application through our recruitment tool is the best way for us to comply with GDPR regulations.

Should I send my application in English or another language?

The company language is English, so it is best to send your resume in English. Sometimes we are looking for e.g. German-speaking applicants for certain DACH-related positions, but it is always best to send an English resume.

What documents do I need to submit?

Please upload your resume reflecting your relevant experience in the field for which you are applying. Ideally, please also include a motivation letter outlining why you are qualified for and interested in the position.

Can I apply as a student?

Yes, there might also be the possibility to undertake an internship with us. Keep an eye out for an internship position or simply apply on our “General Application”

I am neither from Austria nor do I live there. Should I still apply for a job in Vienna?

Yes, of course! Our international team includes many nationalities, and we are looking forward to further increasing our internationality. Our headquarters are in Vienna, but we also recruit for our offices in London and NYC.

I would like to join your team, but I could not find a suitable position at the moment. Can I still send my resume?

Yes - we are always open to general applications. At the bottom of this page you will find a job listing called “General Application” where you can submit your application at any time.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Of course you can! Please remember that an up-to-date resume can be very helpful in deciding which position is best for you - so upload your resume that reflects your relevant experience in the field/role for which you are applying and ideally also an informative motivation letter.

Will I receive feedback on my application?

Yes. In any case, you will be informed as soon as possible whether you are invited for an interview or not. We will do our best to contact you quickly, but in rare cases it may take a little longer. If you have not heard back after some time, please check your spam folder or contact us and let us know.

Is my privacy protected when I submit my application?

We are committed to protecting the personal data you submit to us in accordance with GDPR regulations. When you apply, see the full privacy policy of the application tool.

What can I expect from an interview?

Even though we try to streamline our interview processes as much as possible, it always also depends on the specific team and the role. Generally, the process looks like this:

  1. The first phase of the interview will typically consist of a phone interview with one of our talent acquisition colleagues.
  2. If both you and we are interested in continuing, you will be invited to a face-to-face or a video interview with the specific team. There you will usually meet the team lead and/or another member of the team.
  3. For most of our open roles, we will ask you to work on a job-relevant task, but we will share the instructions with you early enough to give you the time you need to prepare.
  4. Often 3) is already the final step in the process, but in some cases we might invite you to another interview round with e.g. the team’s VP or a short get2gether with more team members.