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What if?

You could transform your data just by explaining what you want in plain English, without any regex or Python knowledge?
You could query and interpret data quickly and easily with the help of AI?
You could rely on your AI Copilot to manage data monitoring and due diligence?

Leverage Smart Naming Conventions

Eliminate downstream reporting issues with an intelligent naming convention tool that monitors source data as it’s ingested.

Want to see how it works? Check out our video guide.

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Adverity Smart Naming
Adverity AI-powered data transformations

Out now!

AI-powered data transformations

Explain how you want to transform your data, then let the enrichment Copilot provide you with the right code and detailed step-by-step instructions. It’s that simple!

Want to see how it works? Check out our video guide here or take a guided tour below.

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ChatGPT via Data Shares

Speed up data analytics by flexibly sharing parts of your data with ChatGPT and other AI tools. Query, interpret, and access actionable insights in seconds.

ChatGPT via Create Data Share Adverity
Adverity Data Quality

Automated data monitoring

Stop manually monitoring all your data for quality issues and simply trust your AI-powered Data Quality Copilot to proactively address all data quality issues, before they occur.

Harmonized data in an instant

Automatically map dimensions and metrics so you spend less time on data integration and more time on analysis and insights.

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Coming soon!

Data Integration Copilot

Have you ever wanted to create a report but struggled to find the right name of the field in your data source? 

With Adverity’s Data Integration Copilot, easily find the fields you’re looking to import without wasting time reading API documentation. Simply describe the fields you want to add in plain English and let your AI-assistant tell you the name of the correct field.

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Why Gen AI is no longer a buzzword for marketers

Check out our webinar featuring Forrester, on top marketing challenges that AI can help tackle.

Why Gen AI is no longer a buzzword for marketers

Check out our webinar featuring Forrester, on top marketing challenges that AI can help tackle.


Which data is being used by Adverity AI features?

All AI features use the data within your Adverity instance. This data is only available to the users you grant access within your organization. No customer data is being shared with any other clients, vendors or third party tools.

Where is the data being processed?

The AI models used for data processing sit within Adverity. We solely use a third-party gen. AI provider to process the natural language request (prompt) you input when using the Transformation Copilot.

Can you elaborate on the role of the third party provider?

No customer data is being shared with third-party providers by Adverity. Transformation Copilot uses OpenAI to convert generalized prompts into step-by-step instructions. The prompts are being generalized by a local AI-model within Adverity, meaning they are stripped of any customer data.

How does this impact our Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

The DPA is not impacted. Hosting Location and Hosting Provider remain unchanged. No customer data is shared with third parties.

Will any data be used for training AI-models?

The response quality of the Transformation Copilot is improved by collecting user feedback about response accuracy during feature usage and generalized customer prompts. No customer data is used for training AI models.

Is Adverity sharing data with AI tools such as ChatGPT?

Sharing data with AI tools such as ChatGPT allows you to analyze your dataset by asking questions or requesting visualizations in natural language. You can do so with Adverity by exporting a dataset and uploading it to your personal ChatGPT account. You can govern who can and can’t download data from Adverity through user management and manually select the data you’d like to export for this purpose. Adverity does not share any customer data with ChatGPT.

Can I opt out of AI features?

Absolutely, you can opt out of any AI feature by contacting your Account Manager.

Find out more about how Adverity can help you today.

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