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Adverity Partners are technology and service companies that supply marketing, sales, and eCommerce teams with infrastructure, platforms, and the consulting and implementation services required to expertly deliver successful projects.

Service partners include business and marketing consultants, digital agencies, analytics specialists, IT architects, and system integrators, bringing the benefits of Adverity’s integrated data platform to their clients.

Our partner types

Technology partners

Adverity partners with all major cloud, storage, BI, analytics and big data platforms, as well as marketing, advertising, sales and eCommerce, in order to offer end clients with seamless and complete integration into their chosen ecosystem.

Service partners

Consultancies, SIs, GSIs and digital agencies combine their know-how and professional services with Adverity’s leading analytics technology in order to deliver successful projects and drive customer growth.


Adverity Resellers are part of an invite-only program for companies selling the Adverity platform to their clients as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a larger project. Success as a Service partner, strong local presence or strong industry knowledge are criteria for acceptance.

Referral partners

Referral partners are companies of all sizes that introduce new business to Adverity thanks to their experience and knowledge of the market. Successful referrals are awarded a set referral fee and Referral partners can also be Service partners, therefore benefiting for more revenue streams.

Why become a partner?

By becoming a partner of Adverity you will be able to confidently provide your customers and prospects with a best-in-class integrated data platform for their marketing, sales, and eCommerce teams that allows them to become data-driven in their decisions.

Growth of your business offering

With Adverity you will be able to offer new products and services, as well as open up new lines of business and drive growth by delivering a market-leading integrated data platform.

Revenue growth via referral fees

Our partner programs offer different levels of financial rewards for our partners, on top of the professional services most partners are able to bill to the client.

Education and 

Specifically designed for our partners to support you when talking to your customers about Adverity. It will allow you and you team to confidently talk about Adverity and implement the platform in your projects.

Our Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Who is the Referrer program for?

The Referral Partner program is for companies that understand marketing analytics and eCommerce, and can introduce Adverity to other companies (clients, prospects, etc.) that will benefit from using our platform. Referral Partners earn a commission for any successful referral that generates new business for Adverity.

Who is the Reseller program for?

The Reseller program is for selected partners only at the moment. It enables Resellers to do business on their papers, meaning that they hold the contractual relationship with the end client, while buying from Adverity at preferential rates. Please contact us if you have experience working as a Reseller for similar technologies and would like to understand more about our acceptance criteria.

I'd like to implement Adverity, how do I do that?

Service partners and Resellers are eligible to implement those projects they introduce Adverity into. Adverity will take care of training and certifying partners, with a mix of classroom, on-demand and on the job training, so they can confidently implement the platform to the same standards as Adverity's own implementation team.

Partners that demonstrate great ability and success in implementing Adverity will qualify to receive implementation projects from Adverity too, but please note that at present we are only looking for partners that can introduce Adverity to their customers/projects.

How do I become a partner of Adverity?

Becoming a partner is easy, just email or simply scroll down and fill the form below. One of our Partner Managers will be in touch to arrange a call to discuss how our businesses fit together and decide on the most appropriate type of partnership and next steps.

I have a potential lead/project. How do I register it?

If you have a lead and are already an Adverity Partner you can email your Partner Manager directly, or if you are not yet set up as a partner, email and the team will pick it up and work with you on the opportunity (and the Referral Agreement, if you are interested in that).

What kind of partner support do you provide?

We have a dedicated team of partner managers who will be your main point of contact and can give you the support needed. We also have dedicated marketing resources that can help with outreach and joint activities. We will soon introduce a range of certifications for partners that want to get more technical with Adverity.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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