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With the use of Adverity’s intelligent data integration platform, Hotspex Media managed to save time needed for reporting and focus on optimizing media investments for their clients.


Hotspex Media is one the fastest growing programmatic trading desks in Canada, specializing in strategic media planning, buying, and unified ad reporting. The media agency is part of the Hostpex group, recently voted among the top most innovative insights consultancies according to GRIT.

Key results achieved by Hotspex

Time spent on creating reports reduced by 40%

The ETL process is now seamless and helps the team to reinvest time in providing insights

Improved data quality

The platform provided flawless error handling and logs for greater confidence in data

A single source of truth

Metrics are now unified across platforms and the team has achieved cross-platform alignment

"Adverity offers one of the best ETL solutions, allowing seamless aggregation of data from multiple ad platforms into a single data warehouse."

Chander Dhar Sharma

Data Scientist, Hotspex


Hotspex’s Media Ad-Ops team faced a challenge when it came to collecting campaign performance data from various ad platforms. Most of these were extracted manually and used for different reports. It was time-consuming and impacted the team's ability to focus its attention where it mattered most – identifying insights and optimizing media investment.


Hotspex Media started using Adverity’s platform as a unified reporting solution, and extracting and unifying advertising data on a daily basis to provide their clients with cross-channel reports and up-to-date reporting. With a new view on data, the ad-ops team is now able to quickly spot trends and identify high-performing campaigns, leading to greater insights and improved client satisfaction.


“We've saved countless hours, improved reporting efficiency and quality, and have increased customer satisfaction and retention,” says Chander Dhar Sharma, Data Scientist at Hotspex Media. 

“Their support team has been really quick, knowledgeable, and supported our growth trajectory as we've onboarded new platforms with complex API requirements.”

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