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Liberty International Tourism Group


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Liberty International Tourism Group used Adverity’s solution to drastically centralize, automate, and simplify its data management infrastructure. This improvement helped save time while allowing teams across the organization to utilize high-quality data and achieve business growth during an uncertain time.


The Liberty International TourismGroup (LITG) is the world's leading destination management company with service offerings in the areas of virtual, MICE, leisure, cruise ground handling,and sport, active in over 90 countries worldwide, and employing more than 800 people.

Key results achieved by Liberty International Tourism Group

One platform

A central solution combined and analyzed data to uncover the right insights at the push of a button.

Advanced alignment

Stakeholders quickly aligned on a unified approach for establishing new key performance indicators (KPIs) brought on by the pandemic.


Eliminate manual, error-prone processes and improve productivity.

"A big advantage with Adverity was the support. We didn't just get a provider in Adverity, we got a new team member and that's how we know we made the right decision."

Christina Kaschnitz

Head of Controlling & Internal Audits, Liberty International Tourism Group


Travel destination company, Liberty International Tourism Group (LITG), knew they needed a better way to manage huge amounts of data. The data team had to process and handle the data manually, which required time and effort before it could become usable. Also, the data was siloed and difficult for departments across the organization to fully access, making the analysis from various datasets a burdensome process. 

Then, the pandemic completely shut down travel, causing LITG to lose sales and forcing the group to shift focus on brand new metrics brought on by the crisis. The company used it as an opportunity to find a solution that would increase efficiency and eliminate costly, labor-intensive data processes.


It was vital for LITG to automate how they retrieved and processed their data, which came from various sources such as human resources, finance, social media channels, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. The information from these sources grew rapidly, along with the need to supply different departments with relevant and error-free data.

Additionally, the team wanted to connect diverse datasets to generate and uncover new insights and evaluate new market trends. They sought after automation and intuitive clicks to efficiently get manual tasks done. To alleviate these pain points, they formed a partnership with Adverity.


Having one platform to automate, combine, and analyze the data from multiple sources provided the team with a newfound freedom. No longer burdened by manual data processes, the group shifted their attention to projects that drove core business expansion and growth. The data was also more accurate and less prone to errors due to Adverity’s automation, reminder systems, and notifications. 

Adverity’s sophisticated platform enabled them to reach decisions quickly to meet market demands brought on by the pandemic and address new metrics, bolstering LITG’s competitive advantage in an uncertain time. With each stakeholder equipped to access crucial insights at their fingertips drove stronger KPI and goal alignment—and a milestone moment in LITG’s business.

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