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Digital Matter attained an automated approach to optimize multiple cross-channel campaigns while creating speedier and digestible reports for their clients. Through Adverity, the agency evolved their entire data process for clearer, more actionable insights while saving time and boosting overall efficiency.


Digital Matter empowers brands to take control of their digital marketing and provides consulting services in performance marketing, optimization, and data strategy. Their deep, analytic expertise create confidence in the clients they serve to take meaningful, actionable steps to improve campaigns and reach marketing goals.

Key results achieved by Digital Matter

Faster client reporting

Significant reduction of time spent on creating reports

Up-to-date dashboards

Clients have access to current data for faster campaign analyzation and decision-making

All-encompassing data source

Comprehensive view of cross-channel data readily available, avoiding the hassle of switching between various platforms

"Adverity provides Digital Matter with stable and reliable data streams, which makes it easier to develop new capabilities and resources on behalf of our clients."

Rachel Mack

Chief Executive Officer, Digital Matter


Digital Matter faced the tremendous task of juggling multiple cross-channel campaigns on many different marketing platforms for clients. The team relied heavily on data to dictate benchmarks, budgets, and ROI, but gathering and analyzing the data was a hectic and manual process that lacked a cohesive system. Digital Matter’s consultants longed for the day when they wouldn’t have to spend time collecting data and stitching together static reports—many of which were outdated before the next extraction. They wanted to minimize human error, which further fueled uncertainty in their ability to derive accurate, numbers-driven insights.


Disentangling repetitive tasks through Adverity meant Digital Matter could automate data extraction, transformation, and preparation for final systems. Adverity’s solution streamlined processes—for example, the decision for Digital Matter to avoid having to build internal API connectors was an easy one, since Adverity comes with an extensive library of pre-configured API connectors. 

Solving the problem of slow, outdated reporting gave Digital Matter’s consultants a significant portion of their day back, saving time and reducing operational costs. Through Adverity’s visualization capabilities, the group could investigate granular data and share the results in a way that best resonated with each client or stakeholder. These faster and more efficient methods gave Digital Matter the power and voice to accelerate important decision-making.


Uncertainty and manual data practices became a thing of the past—and the advantages invaluable. Digital Matter’s consultants were positioned to better serve clients, delivering error-free reports much quicker. Through automation and time gained, they could regularly partake in ROI-driven conversations and strategize to further strengthen campaigns. With an intuitive, up-to-date dashboard, the team no longer needed to go back and forth between various marketing platforms to parse cross-channel data. 

With reliable and stable data streams, the team focused on essential tasks such as developing new capabilities to build and scale campaigns. Digital Matter’s team could reach their full potential by leveraging data and numbers to help their clients achieve success.

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