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Through the seamless automation of their data integration and cleansing procedures, Liverpool Victoria (LV=) experiences a remarkable enhancement in the precision of insights, elevating the impact on strategic decision-making.


Liverpool Victoria (LV=), a premier force in UK insurance, presents a diverse range of general insurance products. Serving both direct consumers and collaborating with advisors, brokers, and strategic partners, LV's mission revolves around fortifying communities. By enabling individuals to secure their passions today and tomorrow, LV embodies unwavering integrity and visionary responsibility.

Key results achieved by Liverpool Victoria (LV=)

Up to 10 hours saved per week in manual data processing

Automating the data integration process LV has reduced the time it takes to process data from multiple data sources

Access to real-time insights

A streamlined data integration process has removed the lag between the data and insights, LV now has access to insights much faster

More accurate decision-making

Without the need for manual data manipulation, they gained increased confidence in the accuracy of their decision-making

"Adverity has enabled us to present and interpret our data in a way that aids cognitive understanding, our insights are much clearer."

Paul Mabb

Trading Manager - Marketing Analytics, Liverpool Victoria (LV=)


Having accurate and timely data is important to the success of a marketing data and analytics team, this enables them to deliver meaningful insights that help the business make real-time decisions. 

However, for LV’s marketing data and analytics team, this was not easy to achieve. They were working with data from multiple sources, manually extracting and cleansing it, and organizing it onto spreadsheets. This involved large amounts of manual work, which was time-consuming and prone to human error resulting in disparities when reading the data to provide meaningful and timely insights. Paul Mabb, LV’s Trading Manager - Marketing Analytics expressed that “Merging data from different sources with a singular output was extremely difficult or near impossible.”


LV= was after a solution that would enable them to report mainly on Google Analytics and Ads data from multiple channels. They wanted to be able to merge multiple data sources into a single output, process the vast amounts of data from the channels to create reports, and shorten the time to provide insights. They considered the scalability of the solution, it needed to be able to go beyond their current scope, being able to serve them as their data requirements increase.

The security and compliance of the solution were very important determining factors, it had to follow robust privacy protection requirements and demonstrate compliance in the governance of data and security. With Adverity strictly following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations and being ISO 27001 certified, confirming the establishment of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) LV made the decision to partner with Adverity.


With Adverity’s large library of pre-built connectors, LV= now automates the integration of all its marketing data from multiple data sources. They utilize Adverity’s transformations to clean and harmonize the data, allowing them to confidently report multi-channel marketing performance with high-quality insights. 

LV= has seen a decrease in time spent managing data, saving up to 10 hours a week on manual data wrangling. This has significantly reduced the duration it takes for them to visualize and extract insights from their data, enabling quicker and more accurate decision-making regarding their channel mix and marketing spend.

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