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Faced with challenges maintaining its own data pipeline via bespoke APIs, Accord identified Adverity as the perfect partner to provide a robust and secure platform to manage their data, delivering an automated solution that would immediately improve quality and give added value for their clients.


Founded in 1988, Accord is an award-winning, proudly independent performance marketing agency. A company of creative thinkers, digital strategists, planning experts and problem solvers, they have a proven track record of working with entrepreneurial start-ups, challenger brands and market leaders. From ideas and inspiration through to tracking and analysis, everything they do is powered by data-led insights.

Key results achieved by Accord

Less reliance on data engineers

Teams can now set up data connections with no involvement from data engineers.

Data confidence increased

Data does not have to be sense-checked in a secondary location.

More value added to clients

Teams can now pull data at any level of granularity to pro-actively uncover new insights – quickly and easily.

"With our platform LOOP we struggled with maintaining the breadth of APIs, whereas with Adverity it is automated, offering us a rounded proposition, keeping Accord on top of the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape."

Dan Ward

Head of Performance, Accord


Accord was faced with the constant need to monitor the accuracy of their data pipelines, which relied heavily on bespoke APIs, resulting in time-consuming tasks to maintain, test and build new connections.

Therefore, an automated best-in-class solution was required in order to provide their clients with accurate, reliable, and secure data that would influence business performance and allow their clients to make better insight-driven decisions.


Having thoroughly reviewed what was available in the market, Accord partnered with Adverity, a platform that, from day one, exceeded their requirements and would take their data operations to the next level.

Working closely with Adverity’s team of experts, they navigated the various security requirements to set up all necessary data pipelines.  Within three to six months, they had successfully onboarded over 100 data streams, 500+ data end points, 100+ clients, 100+ dashboards with multiple dashboard requirements and 100+ custom data enrichments.

Adverity’s data enrichments have enabled Accord to get the maximum value. “We have confidence that when we use the enrichments, our data is accurate, and we don’t need to sense-check it in a secondary location. This saves us significant time and resources.”  Kara Bennett, Head of Analytics, Accord.


Since partnering with Adverity, Accord is now able to prioritise its time on analysing data insights rather than the maintenance of APIs - providing their clients with a single view of performance rather than from multiple sources, which was previously over complex and time consuming.

Savings highlights include:

  • 20 hours per month building and maintaining data pipelines.
  • 50% saving on data troubleshooting timings.
  • 80% saving on dashboard build timings (new and updates).
  • Reinvesting circa 100 hours a month into developing their long-term data strategy.

Adverity now integrates and powers Accord’s existing tool for internal visualisation, LOOP, which previously integrated with a solution that provided automated dashboards. Since adopting Adverity, dashboards in LOOP are now more intuitive and visual – delivering insightful and accurate metrics that drive optimisation and performance for their clients. Accord’s client, Ambassador Cruise Line, said, “The data insights that Accord provides help us maximise ROI and make the right decisions when balancing investment between offline and digital media.” Gordon Nardini, Chief Marketing Officer, Ambassador Cruise Line.

In addition, combined with flexible export options, Adverity powers LOOP to enable internal stakeholders to digest their marketing data at the desired frequency, level of detail and format. Meeting the needs of strategy and client-facing teams has provided better cross-functional collaboration. 

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