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After fully automating their data processes, Mediahub’s team experienced a powerful shift to more meaningful work, creating new analytics solutions for clients and increasing revenue opportunities. Spending 90% less time managing data meant the agency’s employees were happier and clients more satisfied.


Mediahub is a leading global media planning and buying agency, specializing in providing media data analytics solutions. They serve household names such as Western Union, Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Twitch. Mediahub has over 900 employees in 10 countries and in 2019 was named “Media Agency of the Year” by Ad Age.

Key results achieved by Mediahub

90% reduction in manual data processes

Through automation, manual work required by data engineers was cut from three days a week to just a few days a month.

Improved ROAS

The team used this newfound time to create more valuable services for clients and improve return on ad spend.

Less stress and headaches

Faster reports, dashboard accessibility, and more reliable data streams decreased delays, relieving overall pressure on Mediahub’s team.

"We now spend 90% less time on data management, so we can focus on analyzing this data and bringing more value to our clients."

James Hassan

Head of Data and Analytics, Mediahub


The stress of creating data reports and analyzing performance for global clients was a daily occurrence for the team at Mediahub. Their growing data was scattered across various advertising platforms, making it difficult to manually keep up with API changes that needed constant monitoring and updating. These API connectors often broke, creating delays and prompting data engineers to spend time and effort fixing them. Although Mediahub employed a full-time engineer to develop an in-house solution, they needed to automate the data acquisition and management process and alleviate frustration.


The team at Mediahub was delighted at how straightforward and easy it was to implement Adverity. In just two weeks, they were able to start utilizing the data—an important factor in choosing an automated platform to continue serving large-scale clients, without interruption. Western Union, for example, operated in 90+ countries and had nearly 500 data streams fetching data on a daily basis. 

After choosing Adverity, Mediahub used automation to rapidly aggregate and analyze data from advertising platforms such as Google Campaign Manager and Facebook. Once collected, this information funneled into a data warehouse hosted on AWS. After the data was transformed, it was sent to various analytics and data visualization tools used across the agency, such as Power BI.


With complete automation and having a single source of truth for data, Mediahub now spends 90% less time on data management. They went from three days a week on data processes to just one or two days a month. This allowed the team to dedicate more time to higher-value products and services, solving more meaningful problems for clients, and opening new avenues for profit. Mediahub’s clients also gained access to easy-to-use dashboards, allowing them to view the latest performance updates at any time. These combined efforts strengthened overall relationships with clients. 

The group at Mediahub felt the burden of complicated data processes disappear. They no longer felt the mad dash of figuring out when reports would be ready for waiting clients. This decrease in stress improved Mediahub’s employee motivation and retention. The weight had finally lifted—arguably the agency’s biggest win in using Adverity’s platform. Mediahub’s Head of Data and Analytics summed it up perfectly, “The cure for all our data headaches turned out to be Adverity.”

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