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The Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) accomplished a more useful way to gather and analyze siloed marketing data through automation. By leveraging Adverity’s platform, ANTO centralized data for smoother operational capabilities while evaluating marketing campaigns in real-time.


Since 1955, the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) promoted the country as a vacation destination by securing worldwide partnerships with a network of tourism experts. ANTO’s primary goal is to establish innovative marketing strategies to increase the Austria’s market share in international tourism.

Key results achieved by Austrian National Tourist Office

Reduced operating expenses

Data automation absolved ANTO’s team from manual gathering and analyzation

Greater flexibility

Prompt campaign and budget decisions based on real-time data

Supercharged analyzation

High quality data powered better visualizations

"To make our marketing more agile and transparent, we opted for Adverity's automated data provision solution, which has really exceeded our expectations."

Vahideneur Culha Flechl

Data Analyst, Austrian National Tourist Office


The responsibility of increasing international travel to Austria is herculean. It required the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) to run global campaigns, manage partnerships, and gather various data to quickly draw meaningful conclusions and form strategic next steps. ANTO sat on a mountain of valuable marketing data from Google Analytics and social media tool Sprinklr, but carried the burden of manually collecting and transforming it. This repetitive process of using spreadsheets created a lot of room for human error and presented logistical challenges. The team also regularly fell behind on not properly documenting APIs from multiple data sources. Since APIs change frequently, keeping up-to-date on this task further overwhelmed ANTO’s human-heavy process. 


ANTO wanted to free their daily operations from laborious data activities so they could focus on extracting quality insights from campaigns and gain a comprehensive view of marketing performance. The group already leveraged Microsoft’s visualization tool, Power BI, so Adverity’s platform felt intuitive since it plugs in seamlessly with Power BI. ANTO signed up for Adverity’s trial and was ecstatic to experience the benefits of automation—most of their pain points were already eliminated during this brief time. 

ANTO could automatically collect and harmonize according to unified schemas, which facilitates analytical processes across all platforms, campaigns, and countries. Adverity’s solution became ANTO’s centralized data hub, modernizing operations and sparking the technological leap they needed to access, understand, and make better decisions. 


Intelligent data automation maximized accessibility and workflow for ANTO’s team, allowing for speedier interpretations and time savings. By removing iterative tasks, ANTO reduced resource expenses while utilizing employee time more effectively to ensure team members delivered their best work. The group could now efficiently analyze cross-channel data based on predefined criteria and benchmarks. Data automation also accelerated reporting, allowing them to go deep on specific campaigns through easy-to-understand KPI reports. 

No longer compromised by manual tasks such as data discovery, preparation, and maintenance, ANTO employees were better able to maintain consistent, quality work. Using complete data meant they could make corrections on the fly and refine decisions. With a more simplified approach to handle big data, ANTO’s different departments were able to move in the same direction—saving money, time, and producing better outcomes.

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