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Carter’s, the leading brand of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories in America, gained a fast and more thorough way to understand how customers were engaging with their marketing campaigns. With Adverity, they autopiloted disparate data collecting, optimized campaigns quickly, and made better predictions.


Since 1865, Carter’s, Inc. is the largest U.S. branded marketer of baby and children’s clothing. Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh are sold at over 600 company-owned retail stores, as well as thousands of national department stores and retailers.

Key results achieved by Carter's

Autopilot low-value data routines

The team gained more time to collaborate on strengthening customer roadmaps and strategies.

Improve spend where it matters

Connecting the dots between customer behavior and campaign engagement allowed for better budget control.

Enhance key strategies through data

Increased understanding of marketing performance based on data-driven customer segmentation and demographics.

"Since using Adverity, collecting data and creating reports are now table stakes. It’s on autopilot, allowing our team to focus on getting the most out of our data. We’re starting to get more into prescriptive and predictive strategies. If we do XYZ, we know it would make this impact for this specific customer."

Jeff Coleman

Leader of Digital Marketing Science, Carter's


The team at Carter’s was inundated with collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of performance marketing data from different sources, including Google SA 360 and Facebook. The channel managers kept up with manual spreadsheets to gather the data even though it was deemed a low-value and laborious task. The group needed a better approach to managing and processing the data to examine performance results faster. They wanted to understand how potential and existing customers interacted with campaigns by examining specific data points to improve future performance.


The team at Carter’s believed in using data to guide business decisions, but they needed to escape the daily grind of processing and managing data. They chose Adverity to automate and upgrade their data ingestion process to make greater strides with marketing campaigns. Adverity’s automation allowed channel managers to quickly analyze and establish reporting in almost real-time. Smarter, more accurate data unveiled a stronger story, providing Carter’s with the facts to deepen customer segmentation and customer journey mapping. 

In addition to optimizing campaigns, Adverity’s platform allowed for greater data accessibility across the organization. This enabled the senior team to not only view the data but to also interact with it and customize it to their specific needs. Having a sophisticated tool enabled different teams to do their jobs better and ultimately glean better insights faster and more productively.


Carter’s was able to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the retail industry by seeing conversion rates and broader performance results in near-real time. The ability to put routine data and reporting processes on autopilot was a huge upgrade for overall workflow productivity. Better, faster data allowed the team to gain insights into customer behaviors and interests. For example, if channel managers saw that customers in certain cities responded better to certain campaigns than in other regions,they were able to ramp up spending in that area. 

Improved data meant Carter’s could get more prescriptive with marketing campaigns and predictive analytics. This newfound depth of knowledge behind customer types allowed them to develop marketing strategies with more precision around customer segmentation and journey mapping. If they made decision A, they could easily see the impact on a specific type of customer within a particular segmentation and region.

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