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Territory Media sets a new standard in campaign reporting and optimization with Adverity


TERRITORY Media is a full-service media agency based in Munich that consistently links media and performance. Under the claim "Media meets Performance", they support clients such as Globus, SunExpress, Haix, Commerzbank, Intersport, EY and BioMarkt. From strategic consulting and planning to implementation - their full-service approach is the basis for many successful partnerships.

Key results achieved by Territory Media

Single Source of Truth

Harmonization of data from up to 14 different platforms funneled into the Single Source of Truth.

Automated reporting

Elimination of manual reporting allowed significant resources for campaign monitoring and optimization.

Efficient decision making

Easy and fast access to data enables real-time monitoring of KPIs and rapid decision making.

"Before we used Adverity, campaign optimization could only be done in the respective department of the business units. It took the departments up to 2 days to prepare the monthly reports. Short-notice customer queries, for example on overlapping KPIs, entailed significant additional work,...Thanks to automated reporting, we can now use the freed-up resources to optimize existing campaigns and also answer short-term customer queries quickly and in real-time."

Agnieszka Kutyla

Head of Data & Analytics, Territory Media


As a full-service media agency, Territory Media is committed to managing campaigns on cross-media KPIs. The average time consumed on monthly manual reporting in campaign performance can take up to 80 percent of a team member's time with additional time spent on quarterly and annual reviews that require a long lead time. With the ever-expanding platform landscape in marketing, it is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge to manage campaigns. In some cases, data from up to 14 different platforms must be merged for each customer.


In order to provide customers with the best possible results and to save time in reporting, Territory Media has implemented the Closed-Loop Marketing Wheel. First, the client's briefing is taken into account in order to perfectly align the analysis with their business goals. By connecting specific data, such as Google Trends, benchmark data help identify trends in user demand and target audience behavior that impact identified business goals. In real-time, the goals are then compared to actual KPIs, and insights are used to make any necessary optimizations. Adverity, as the foundation of the Closed Loop Marketing Wheel, enables the creation of a single source of truth into which all necessary data from the various APIs flows. In addition, automated reporting allows teams to focus their resources on optimizing campaigns. This ensures that ongoing campaigns are always adapted to the latest market developments and trends.


With Adverity, individual teams at Territory Media are becoming data experts who can work independently with data and quickly identify trends without relying on a data team. As a result, by reviewing KPIs in real-time, Territory Media can make quicker decisions and deliver optimized campaigns with great ROIs.

Territory Media plans to expand the use of Adverity and gain solutions for proactive analytics, such as revenue forecasting, and address challenges around media mix modeling to better help its customers achieve their business goals in the future.

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