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MediaCom was able to quickly tap into smarter data in near-real time to focus more on data exploration and campaign optimization.


MediaCom is one of the world’s largest media agencies with 125 offices and over 8,000 employees. With access to some of the richest data sets in the world, the agency offers an agile way to deliver a full scope of robust and innovative solutions for its global clients.

Key results achieved by Mediacom

75% reduction in manual time spent on data integration and client reports

No more switching between multiple accounts to access data

Always up-to-date BI data stack for all clients and sources

"Adverity helped us improve our big data needs by providing cleaned and harmonized data in a very transparent way. This was a huge spark in our productivity"

David O’Neill

Global Data Solutions Manager, Mediacom


Global agency MediaCom wanted to overhaul its broken data infrastructure, break down silos, and find a way to optimize workflow. Their highly-skilled analysts were spending too much time finding and maintaining data from various sources such as social media, advertising networks, market research institutes, and local e-commerce platforms. The team needed a solution for easier upkeep with these sources so their data analysts could take on data-exploration projects to help further client success. With over 150 global online and offline sources for data, MediaCom wanted to master this data integration at scale. The agency also needed the data to be transformed and accessible to international clients.


MediaCom believed an automated solution would streamline workflow and boost productivity. Spending so much time collecting data and keeping up with APIs felt like a time-waster. The agency teamed up with Adverity, which enabled them to keep up with its growing number of clients and data sources. Automation ensured accurate, consistent data to give customers deeper insight to maximize ROI on campaigns. 

Adverity’s platform improved overall team efficiency, giving MediaCom a seamless way to pivot from time-consuming and manual processes to get the most from their data. Utilizing the data through automation gave their teams more time to think about the bigger picture for client success and produce next-level value for customers. 


With Adverity, MediaCom experienced a 75% reduction in manual routines spent on client reporting and keeping up with ever-changing APIs. Automation enabled the team to stop switching between multiple accounts to access data. They quickly established an integrated data set for new clients with an updated BI data stack always ready. They’re able to approach the data with a more strategic mindset and their analysts can now make new data discoveries. All of these efforts fueled better innovations for clients as well as delivered subtle optimizations for quick wins. 

Data transparency and improved workflow along the data supply chain established an ideal working environment for MediaCom’s staff. More accessible data bolstered communication, collaboration, and processes for both the agency’s internal teams and clients. A single source of truth for reporting, visualization, data science, and econometric modeling gave MediaCom the assurance they needed to make evidence-based decisions. This fresh way to tap into intelligent data enabled the group to issue client reports quickly and accurately while better understanding user behavior.

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