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IKEA made huge advances in their outdated data process, which was siloed and beyond reach for various departments within the company. With Adverity, IKEA solidified a streamlined approach to automate data and new pathways to better understand customer behavior and ad performance. This key data was used to confidently make decisions with greater clarity, swiftly transforming the global company into a true multi-channel retailer.


Part of one of the largest home furnishing chains in the world, IKEA in Austria serves customers through seven retail locations, covering an area of almost 200.000m², and a modern website, which grew in visits by 68 percent during 2019.

Key results achieved by IKEA

Stronger team collaboration

Accessibility to relevant data across IKEA’s organization

Deeper insights to upgrade campaign strategy

Ability to connect to more data touch points for new discoveries and quick optimizations

Make informed decisions

Drive future investments and growth with confidence and reliance on accurate data

"When I started working at IKEA, we couldn't even achieve 10 percent of what’s possible now. Adverity was one of the key contributors to this improvement. Many of our decisions and the facts we uncovered from our data was processed by Adverity."

Maimuna Mosser

Chief Business Development Officer, IKEA


The team at IKEA believes facts from data dictates worthwhile decisions. Given the labor-intensiveness of how they processed their data, however, it was difficult to turn this belief into reality. The group manually managed large amounts of data into spreadsheets from various sources, services, and agencies. 

Beyond the usual data sources such as localized website and sales data, IKEA received an additional layer of important customer data from the IKEA Family Loyalty program, which also needed to be analyzed. The data team wanted to proliferate this kind of data across the organization so other departments such as finance and e-commerce could also gain access. This kind of collaboration meant they had to find a solution that would help establish data and facts as the foundation to accelerate and enhance IKEA’s overall growth.


IKEA required a solution they could implement quickly and easily within their tech stack, mostly made of Microsoft products. The use Power BI as a vizualization tool, with data stored in a cloud-based SQL Server database, hosted on Microsoft Azure. Now, their BI tool is supplied with high-quality data collected and transformed in the Adverity platform. 

Adverity’s tools empowered the team to handle large amounts of disparate data. With high quality data provided by Adverity, transforming the data into easy-to-understand charts and graphics in Power BI elevated their reporting from Excel and Powerpoint files. It not only opened up a more sophisticated way to absorb the data, they were now able to draw new insights and ultimately, identify the best routes for success.


The formerly tedious process of aggregating data to spreadsheets became automated and accessible to teams outside of IKEA’s marketing department. The team was quickly set up in two short weeks and implemented 20 new connectors to the database. They received a detailed level of granularity, identifying trends and patterns from Facebook ad performance and customer behavior. They’re now in a better position to allow data and facts to dictate decisions that foster growth while staying ahead of customer needs. 

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