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Mediahub streamlined and automated the collection of campaign data from different media channels onto one platform. This allowed them to break down data silos, create a single source of truth for all their data, gain more confidence in the accuracy of the data, and provide timely insights to their clients.


Mediahub is a full-service global creative media agency built for challenger brands. Founded in May 2005 as a media planning and buying spinoff of Wenham, Mullen Advertising, a subsidiary of IPG, Mediahub is challenging the definition of media impression, value of size, the stack, and accountability of what to really measure.

Key results achieved by Mediahub US

Confidence in data accuracy

Having a single source of truth gave Mediahub more confidence in the accuracy of the data used to provide insights to clients

65% time reduction - ingested data to dashboards

By streamlining the ETL process Mediahub saw an impressive reduction in the time taken for data to be ingested, integrated, and transformed into dashboards

Faster reporting for clients

With an automated ETL process, Mediahub reduced the time to generate reports for their clients by 50%

"Adverity has allowed our analysts to spend time on what they do best, analyzing and generating insights instead of manual data wrangling"

Candice Wu

Manager - Data Management, Mediahub US


As a media agency, Mediahub works with clients that require insights into the performance of their advertising campaigns. Their clients want to know which campaigns are successful and what can be done to improve performance and their bottom line. To answer these questions, Mediahub required quick access to accurate campaign data. 

Historically, Mediahub’s analytics team worked in a decentralized way, which resulted in data silos within the team. Analysts were responsible for the whole ETL process, which included the manual wrangling of vast amounts of data. Analysts often needed to work with multiple data sources to integrate the campaign data, and they were working from spreadsheets which proved to be a time-consuming strain.


Mediahub was seeking a secure and simple solution – an out-of-the-box system that would easily connect with their database and file system. The solution needed to have a vast number of API datastream connections that would be able to pull data from their numerous data sources, provide analysts with accurate data, and deliver insights immediately. 

After trying several different solutions from open source tools to spreadsheets, Mediahub decided  Adverity was the platform that could meet all their requirements.


With a library of 600+ connectors, Adverity immediately enabled Mediahub to connect all their media channels datastreams onto one platform, while taking care of the maintenance of the API connections. “With Adverity, we have managed to simplify our data collection, allowing our team to be more efficient”, Gustavo Herrera, VP - Data Management, Mediahub. 

Mediahub’s ETL process is now streamlined, reducing the analyst’s workload and allowing them to focus on providing timely insights to their clients. Mediahub has seen a total of 65% reduction in the time that it takes to update dashboards and extract insights.

Automating the ETL process has been a game changer for Mediahub, it has provided them with a single source of truth, and given them the confidence that the data coming in from different media channels is complete and accurate. They’re now able to enrich their data by transforming it to meet their needs and loading it into their database with no doubts about accuracy. Mediahub has reduced the time it takes to generate reports and insights by over 50%, this has helped analysts free up their time from manually processing data to focusing on insights generation and campaign optimization.

"With Adverity, we have managed to simplify our data collection, allowing our team to be more efficient"

Gustavo Herrera

VP - Data Management, Mediahub US

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