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International retailer ODLO experienced a more efficient way to collect and understand data to optimize daily operations and measure marketing performance. Adverity’s automation and visualization capabilities enabled ODLO to reduce time on managing data by one-third, better monitor and control eCommerce KPIs, and positively impact business goals.


ODLO was founded in Norway over 70 years ago out of a need to create quality performance clothing for harsh weather conditions. ODLO offers seasonal sports clothing, underwear, and base layers for runners, cyclists, and hikers. ODLO products can be found on their website, with online stores available in over 10 European countries and the U.S., as well as 8,000 retail shops around the world.

Key results achieved by ODLO

Workflow transformation

Operational productivity jumped by 60% due to data automation

60% improvement in data accuracy

A centralized platform took the place of manual and error-prone, human processes

Strengthened team decisiveness

Faster and reliable campaign data enabled quick and confident decisions

"With Adverity we save valuable time, which we can dedicate to other areas with a higher impact on our business goals, instead of manually consolidating data from different sources to get a holistic view."

Clarissa Amrein

Online Performance Marketing Manager, ODLO


Global retailer ODLO lacked a consolidated data solution to track marketing campaign performance across online channels such as Google and Facebook and international retail stores. To analyze this information, the team manually collected data from various, siloed marketing tools. It was time-consuming and stressful to clean and prepare the data before having to create reports. The team was not set up for success and this intensive process weakened their ability to accurately predict return on investment (ROI).


ODLO already had an IT infrastructure based on Microsoft’s Azure and Power BI, so teaming up with Adverity felt like a natural next step. Through Adverity’s platform, ODLO automated data harmonization, cleansing, and preparation processes. The group was liberated from spending time and resources manually handling data and creating multiple reports. Instead, they kept a pulse on marketing performance through daily, automatic reports. By matching transactional information with marketing data, for example, they could quickly double down on the most impactful campaigns.

A consolidated data hub also improved visibility around the purchase funnel, which meant more greenfield opportunities for ODLO to capture and engage new customers. With Adverity’s solution, the team finally tackled the ever-growing mountain of sales and marketing data into a cohesive, source of truth.


ODLO’s ability to monitor every eCommerce KPI was a huge achievement. Adverity enabled the team to automate data collection, boosting overall operational efficiency by 60%. Discarding manual processes and spreadsheets prone to human errors resulted in 60% improved data accuracy. The collective time spent managing data and creating reports was reduced by one-third, giving the ODLO’s team more flexibility to focus on more value-driven projects.

The staff could now monitor and control operational eCommerce KPIs through Adverity and Power BI. This newfound precision provided a detailed view of campaign outcomes, fostering smarter strategies to drive traffic and grow online sales. At the end of the day, ODLO’s leaders could competently allocate ad budgets based on hard numbers and increase profitability for the organization.

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