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Infobip experienced a seamless way to connect to their many data sources and uncover deeper insights. With Adverity, the team saved 8 hours each week, 416 hours a year, using this newfound time to focus on elevating business opportunities, such as optimizing lead acquisition campaigns and overall performance.


Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication. They help businesses and developers build, coordinate, and intelligently orchestrate engagement activities across their customers’ lifecycle. With over 12 billion monthly transactions, 700 direct connections, and 60+ offices on every continent, they power a broad range of messaging channels, tools, and solutions for advanced customer engagement, authentication, and security.

Key results achieved by Infobip


Data collection and transformation is easily shared with Infobip’s BI teams through the cloud

416 hours saved a year

Improved daily work habits and time saved on updating manual spreadsheets through enriched data

Increased agility

A better approach to accelerate campaign performance based on accurate data

"Adverity not only brought us more stable and reliable data streams, but also released a lot of the burden from both my team and the business intelligence team. We can now move on to more important stuff and invest more time in analyzing, less in data collection."

Dubravko Blaće

Analytics & CRO Team Lead, Infobip


The growth marketing team at Infobip was bogged down by manual data collecting processes. Taking time to gather information for lead acquisition and conversion reporting from Google Analytics and various ad platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google was costing the team valuable time. As a global company, Infobip’s marketing analytics required two advertising accounts with Facebook in different currencies, so gaining a holistic view of their advertising spend was overly complicated and tedious. Because they lacked a data platform that could automatically pull the data and provide reports, the group resorted to outdated spreadsheets to merge the aggregated data. This process required the support of Infobip’s business intelligence (BI) data engineers, who invested 10 to 15 hours a month just to consolidate and turn the information into usable datasets. They needed a data integration solution that would eliminate such manual efforts, that could collect data from website analytics and ad platforms and push it to the company-wide BI tool Qlik Sense.


Infobip required a platform that could merge the complex data from their advertising spend from different currencies automatically and were delighted to discover that Adverity did this automatically. Through Adverity’s powerful technology, the team could examine specific data points such as costs, impressions, and clicks from every single platform. 

Then, sending this information to the data warehouse was quick and easy for the BI team to grab the data, making the entire workflow process more productive. Being able to automatically bring together data from many different sources and transform it before sending it to Azure cloud data warehouse was Infobip’s key factor in choosing Adverity.


Adverity’s platform liberated Infobip’s teams from having to manually accumulate and prepare the data. This meant they could finally concentrate on refining and make strides on analyzing the data to further business goals. Aligning on projects that move the needle and support Infobip’s mission also gave employees increased motivation and satisfaction in their day-to-day work lives.

Stable and reliable data streams provided the ability to create reports in Qlik Sense without any heavy lifting from the BI data team. They can easily pull critical performance details from each platform and send the transformed information to the data warehouse. Improving this workflow, plus no longer worrying about manual spreadsheets saved the team 416 hours a year. Infobip’s staff enjoys increased flexibility and freedom because they trust the data is accurate and holistic. This gives them new possibilities to consistently make improvements and increase their bottom line.

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