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Adverity’s automation enabled Seven.One Entertainment Group to centralize immense amounts of siloed data from various sources. As a result, a weekly four hours of repetitive work instantly disappeared, reenergizing efforts to plot better ad campaigns and advance workflow productivity.


Seven.One Entertainment Group is a German-based innovator in the ad tech industry, telling unique stories for brands through effective marketing campaigns. They offer cross-media advertising solutions that enable their clients to access target audiences with precision.

Key results achieved by Seven.One Entertainment

Centralized data

Aggregated online and offline information now accessible across the organization, elevating decision-making

4 hours saved each week

Automation empowered a shift from manual processes to optimizing campaigns

Up-to-date reports

Significantly faster, fresh data quickly shared with key stakeholders

"With Adverity, it takes just three clicks to specify how we want to update the data—daily or even hourly. This is huge, especially when it comes to working with external stakeholders."

Sabrina Betz

Performance Marketing Manager, Seven.One Entertainment


Seven.One Entertainment Group managed 100+ marketing campaigns involving siloed sources of data, including TV, Google and Bing search ads, print, and social channels. To understand the impact of these massive efforts, the team gathered and broke down the information manually. Using spreadsheets and PDF files to plug in numbers, this human-heavy process made it difficult to examine results quickly. For example, reports were only issued once a week rather than daily. They lacked an accurate, overall view across online and offline campaign strategies, causing decision-making to feel fuzzy and uncertain.


Seven.One eliminated manual processes that no longer served them and embraced automation to completely transform their workflow. With Adverity, the group aggregated all data into one place through easy API connections to individual channels. With Adverity, their data was automatically imported, transformed, and optimized before being centrally stored in Google’s BigQuery database. 

From there, internal stakeholders could view error-free data before it was exported to specific target destinations. Seven.One’s various teams gained an easier way to access data to understand performance results relevant to their particular key performance indicators (KPIs). With automation in place, the group was able to focus on elevating campaign strategies.


Seven.One Entertainment experienced immediate value from Adverity’s automation solution, saving four hours a week on time-consuming data management. The staff felt the satisfaction of no longer wasting time copying and pasting numbers into spreadsheets. Reporting, a crucial element to understand performance, was now significantly faster, thanks to data updates delivered almost instantly. Thanks to Adverity, the group was able to use their time more efficiently to draw meaningful conclusions and plan for the next campaign. 

Accurate data meant their staff no longer worried about conclusions that may have been based on faulty information. Additionally, the stress and burden of adding new platforms and channels into the media mix were alleviated. Overall, Adverity’s solution provided better flexibility to reacting quickly to changes in ad performance. Instead of wobbling, the group could confidently strut into any new challenge with ease.

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