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reBuy uses multiple online tools to accumulate valuable data that needs to be organized and analyzed on a regular basis. Effective data management is key to unlocking the untapped potential of marketing activities.


reBuy is a reCommerce company based in Germany, which was founded in 2009. Their online product recycling platform allows users to sell and buy used goods from 14 different categories for reasonable prices and has become the European market leader in the used electronics reseller field.

Key results achieved by reBuy

Effortless data integration

Automating time-consuming integration and harmonization of datasets to focus on more important tasks.

Central hub for all data

Managing all data from the comfort of one central location.

Accessible for all employees

Exploring data anywhere and anytime, no programming skills required.

"We tested multiple solutions, but Adverity clearly won the race. The trial period was extensive and intense. Thanks to the amazing guidance of the Adverity customer service team, we were able to produce impressive results within just a few weeks. We were very impressed and ultimately decided on a long-term collaboration with Adverity."

Aleksandr Zolotukhin

BI Architect, reBuy


One of the biggest issues for reBuy was the amount of time spent on manual data preparation. From campaign performance reports to investment overviews, several employees had to process the data in order to deliver regular reports. Another inconvenient aspect of the analytics process was distributing the final reports. The data had to be downloaded, prepared in the form of reports and disseminated via email, which was tiresome and highly time-consuming. 

reBuy had tried to tackle their problems with an in-house solution first. The data was transferred to their warehouse via custom-made APIs. However, this solution proved to be error-prone and the data was not always up-to-date. On top of this, simple changes required a complete system update, which was cumbersome and costly. At this point, reBuy started looking for an out-of-the-box solution.


reBuy was looking for a powerful solution to harmonize data for their marketing and BI tools. It needed easy access from a central location, without the need for software programming skills. The company wanted to remove silos and have a single source of truth by having all the data in their Microsoft Azure data warehouse. The data would then be ready to visualize in insightful graphs using their preferred tool: Microsoft Power BI. 

After an in-depth analysis of several solution providers, the team at reBuy was immediately convinced by the solution Adverity provided. Adverity made it easy for reBuy to transfer and harmonize large datasets from several sources. The cleaned data is organized and prepared automatically for visualization.


The end result is an improved analytics performance, due to the matching data schema across all their channels and campaigns, which enables convenient blending and joining of various datasets. The absence of naming conventions across all platforms and individual datasets made it difficult for reBuy to ensure data was categorized correctly. Adverity does that automatically, which allows reBuy to make more sense of the data they collect each day.

Improved data quality also leads to improved performance. By having highly granular data at their fingertips, reBuy can readily identify opportunities to optimize ongoing campaigns and improve their return on advertising expenditure. Deep analyses across multiple channels and campaigns can be executed with just a few clicks, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to reporting on KPIs.

Adverity helped reBuy free up their analysts' time and resources, allowing them to focus on important core tasks, such as analyzing and understanding their data to take action accordingly.

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