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Adore Me


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Google BigQuery
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Adore Me experienced better and faster transparency for blended data performance in near real-time. This allowed the e-commerce brand to make insightful budget adjustments for quick wins.


Adore Me is a leading lingerie brand with a mission to empower every woman to celebrate her best self. Founded in 2012, the company has grown to hundreds of employees in the U.S. and Europe and is considered one of the fastest-growing retailers in the states.

Key results achieved by Adore Me

Ability to analyze blended data, globally

Empowering smarter spending decisions based on updated daily marketing performance

ROI clarity

More granular data allowed for better visibility behind the cost of each customer acquired

Near-instant results for ad performance

Gathering data from various platforms quickly enabled efficient improvements in strategies

"Being able to see blended CPA from each marketing channel and a global overview of performance has definitely been worth partnering with Adverity. It was the right decision for us"

Flora Attyasse

Data Scientist, Adore Me


Top retail company Adore Me faced difficulties keeping up with the constant changes and updates within their marketing channels and social media platform APIs. Manually keeping pace with these changes while also quickly understanding marketing campaign performance felt overwhelming. The data part of Adore Me’s business had become more complicated with new platforms being added. Extracting data into one place to view it holistically had become a pain point. The team wanted more data transparency to gain a deeper grasp of how ad creatives were performing and make necessary adjustments.


Manually linking the data together from various platforms was no longer a realistic option or helping to drive the business forward. With Adverity, Adore Me was able to ingest data from a wide range of sources quickly into BigQuery. The data was now centralized, delivering a much faster way to export information from each platform. It would enable the staff to see how ads performed almost instantly—a critical factor in choosing Adverity. Keeping tabs on performance on an hour-by-hour basis gave the team a firmer handle on campaign budgets. Data Scientist Flora Attyasse explained, “So if we spent too much on one creative or if external factors caused the evolution of specific performances, we would be able to see this from the data.” 

Prior to working with Adverity, the company tried a few other solutions. Attyasse recalled, “[The other solutions] weren’t as easy to use as Adverity. When you think of all that Adverity has to offer, plus the price point, it was the best option.”


With Adverity, Adore Me gained a more accurate way to rapidly parse daily marketing campaign performance globally—something they weren’t able to do before. Attyasse believed “the biggest benefit of working with Adverity was having our data available almost instantly for the current day and previous days.” The group can now make important decisions based on all of the data, blended together from many platforms and channels. They quickly learned which campaigns drove the highest impact and at what cost. Then, the team could adjust or optimize their spending for future campaigns. 

Integrating the company’s huge data sets into BigQuery ensured Adore Me’s staff made the best business decisions to increase revenue and growth. Now that the data part of the business is intact and running smoothly with Adverity, Attyasse says the next step will be the creation of an in-house attribution model to predict future performance. 

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