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Data perfected with ease

Effortlessly improve your data quality with pre-defined enrichments and versatile custom scripts.

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Adverity Data Transformations

How we help

Automated data cleaning

Apply automated data transformations to your raw data as soon as it’s fetched.

Off-the-shelf enrichments

Set up no-code enrichments in seconds with simple step by step instructions.

Advanced transformations

Fully customize transformations with python-based custom scripts - or code your own.

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Data transformation coded for you

Tell us how you want to transform your data. Then let the Adverity application create the code and apply transformations for you.

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Versatile enrichments

Join datastreams

Easily join disparate data sets by finding and adding columns of data from one to another based on a common unique identifier.


Match & Map

Improve data quality by setting up find and replace instructions for inconsistent or variable data values in your source data.

Create & Edit

Add new columns to your data feeds or edit existing ones based on conditions you define; from simple blanket rules to advanced logic based on data you fetch from the source platform.


Automatically combine any number of datasets into a single data table based on created date, scheduled date, or how your data extract files are named.

Tailored Enrichments

Currency Conversion

Do you have reports with data in multiple currencies? Instantly and automatically convert all currencies based on up-to-date exchange rates - all with a predefined enrichment!

Unify Location Data

Transform location data into a unified and internationally recognized format for error-free analysis in your BI tools.


Keep all your data in the same language with our auto-detect and translate feature for any text.





Custom Script

Easily build custom scripts with our low-code step-by-step scripting tool so you can achieve any transformation you can imagine.

Want to transform the quality of your data? Find out how.

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Petar Puntijar

Martech Manager,


Don’t just take our word for it

Superbet moves fast, and with our partnership with Adverity we can ensure our marketing does too.

Chander Dhar Sharma

Data Scientist,


Don’t just take our word for it

Adverity offers one of the best ETL solutions, allowing seamless aggregation of data from multiple ad platforms into a single data warehouse.

Alexander Holt

Data Enablement Manager,

Don’t just take our word for it

Because of the data availability that Adverity has made possible, we are now able to calculate true return on ad spend, not in the ad platform, but through the actual business. And the potential of this is enormous.

Clarissa Amrein

Online Performance Marketing Manager,


Don’t just take our word for it

With Adverity we save valuable time, which we can dedicate to other areas with a higher impact on our business goals, instead of manually consolidating data from different sources to get a holistic view.

Daniel Müller

Political Data Analyst,

Cosmonauts & Kings

Don’t just take our word for it

Our agency planned to explore our data on a bigger scale to every new client that was onboarded, so we needed to make sure that new data was coming in automatically. This had to happen at the specified time, so being able to automatically schedule and explore our data with Adverity was fantastic.
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