At a glance

Compared to Supermetrics, Adverity is a much more sophisticated data integration platform. 
  • Supermetrics is a great entry-level data integration tool for pushing raw data to Google or Amazon destinations.
  • Adverity on the other hand is a sophisticated, fully-integrated data platform that provides a vast selection of data sources and destinations, powerful transformation options to blend your data, and a range of features designed to make managing your data easier.


Who should use Adverity?

  • Teams that need to not only extract but also automatically transform and harmonize their data.
  • Teams that utilize a wide range of data sources and destinations
  • Highly data- driven teams that are looking to scale in the future.


Who should use Supermetrics?

  • Teams that need a simple but basic data solution with little future need to scale.
  • Teams that use a small number of data sources or are able to build their own APIs.
  • Teams that have a technical experts or do not require much technical support .

Features compared

Adverity vs Supermetrics Supermetrics vs Adverity
Adverity vs Supermetrics Adverity vs Supermetrics
Prebuilt connectors

More than 600

About 100

Transformation and harmonization

A range of tailored, versatile, and customizable transformation features



Send your data anywhere and even to multiple destinations at the same time

15 possible destinations (and that includes Excel and Google Sheets)

Data governance features

Yes - with Adverity you get a range of features and options to easily monitor data quality and centrally manage access


Data exploration

Yes - With Adverity you also get access to data exploration features


Don’t just take our word for it!

See how G2 users compare Supermetrics and Adverity below. Or check it out for yourself on G2’s website!

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Adverity logo Supermetrics logo
Adverity logo Supermetrics logo
Quality of support



Data Transformations






Multichannel Tracking






Product Direction (% positive)



*Source: April 2023

Adverity vs Supermetrics - in depth

How many connectors?

Supermetrics offers a decent range of connectors that cover a lot of the basic data sources that many companies will use. However, not all data sources are covered such as Amazon Selling Partners or Mailgun or eBay or Zendesk or Twitch.

Adverity’s connector library on the other hand has more than 600 connectors compared to around 100 in Supermetrics. What’s more, Adverity has teams dedicated to the painstaking maintenance of all their APIs to ensure they are always working and up-to-date.

Connectors - Adverity compared to Supermetrics?

How about data transformation?

While Supermetrics offers some useful data transformation, the options are limited. For example, country code standardization and currency conversion are available for certain sources and destinations. However, beyond this, Supermetrics remains a basic tool for extracting data unless you are able to write your own scripts at the data warehouse level.

Adverity enables you to easily blend or harmonize your data from different sources with flexible schema, tailored and versatile no-code enrichment templates, easy-to-use and powerful smart naming conventions, and advanced enrichment using custom scripts to get your data exactly how you want it.

Where can you send your data?

Looker Studio is the only real data visualization destination offered by Supermetrics.

However, if you are looking beyond basic data visualization, Adverity comes with more than 22 native destinations and can easily send data to Tableau, Power BI, Looker Studio, and Qlik.


Any data governance tools?

While Supermetrics is a great data extraction tool, it doesn’t include key tools for monitoring and ensuring the quality of your data.

Adverity gives you access to advanced data governance tools such as Performance Manager, Automated Scheduler, and Usage Monitor so you can ensure your data is 100% trustworthy. What’s more, as a fully-integrated data platform, Adverity lets you easily view, configure, enrich, manage, store, secure, and send your data all from one place.  

What's the cost?

Supermetrics is a good option if your budget is small and your needs are basic. However, users should be wary of additional costs that can escalate quickly, particularly when adding new users, accounts, connectors, or data ingestion frequency.

Cost - Adverity vs Supermetrics

In summary

If all you need is to push raw data from Google or Amazon, then Supermetrics is a great entry-level tool.
However, if you need to implement sophisticated transformations, manage data quality, OR require more data sources and destinations, Adverity may be the best choice for you.


Need to migrate from an existing tool?

Relax. With Adverity, migration is hassle-free, backed by expert support and implementation teams dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for your agency. 

(Spoilers: We've done this before!)

Migrate to Adverity


They said it, not us!

"Supermetrics and similar solutions pull the data, but there is a ton of data strategy around schema naming conventions and work to manipulate the data that still needs to be done."
- Capterra review
"I dislike having to pay per module [with Supermetrics]. It would be nice to have an affordable plan where I could integrate everything that Supermetrics has to offer. It’s almost too expensive to use."
- G2 Review
"Frankly, the service, UI, and ease-of-use for Adverity made it a no brainer compared to the competition."
- Alex Holt, Director, Digital Advertising, FUEL IMV

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