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Blog / Case Study: Data Integration for Digital Marketing Consultancies

Case Study: Data Integration for Digital Marketing Consultancies


Digital Matter is a fast-growing performance marketing consultancy, headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco and Portland. As experts in managing and optimizing multi-channel campaigns, Digital Matter connects the dots between marketing, data, and strategic planning.

With a growing international clientele that consists of both established global powerhouses and ambitious startups, there was a clear need for the company to implement a sophisticated data management solution. As a result, the staff at Digital Matter no longer need to perform tedious and time-consuming manual data acquisition and transformation.

“The principal reason for implementing Adverity was to have an automated solution for pulling data and to ensure we had easy access to consistent data sources that provide us with high-quality, harmonized data. As a result, we've seen a huge increase in our own efficiency from freeing up a lot of internal resources.”

Jordan Baines, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at Digital Matter

The (Data Integration) Challenge

In today's data-driven world, digital consultancies are under ever-increasing pressure to provide clients with comprehensive and up-to-date reports on-demand. With many clients running multiple ongoing cross-channel campaigns and employing an ever-growing list of marketing platforms, it’s becoming more difficult to solve the 'big data puzzle' and generate clear, actionable insights from marketing data.

Without a next-generation data analytics platform in place, Digital Matter faced a formidable task: attempting to provide clients with an in-depth summary of data and insights according to variable timeframes and schedules. Static reports manually prepared in Microsoft Excel would quickly become obsolete, following a postponement of a scheduled meeting or call with a client. In such cases, reports would need to be updated before a Digital Matter consultant could touch base with the client again.

Not only are more manual and traditional methods of data acquisition and harmonization arduous and time-consuming, they're also fraught with a wide range of potential human errors and constrained in their ability to derive insights. Furthermore, time needlessly granted to manual data manipulation often result in delays in executing optimizations and a failure to respond quickly enough to opportunities to improve the ROI of campaigns. Put simply, spreadsheets can no longer support a dynamic and streamlined workflow.

In light of these developments, Digital Matter sensibly opted to modernize their approach to data acquisition. Thankfully, their days of collecting and manipulating data in Excel are over. The company can look forward to a bright future backed by a highly dependable marketing analytics and data management solution. With Adverity's advanced analytics platform now part of their arsenal, Digital Matter's team of highly experienced marketing consultants will continue to drive growth and provide added value for its clients.

The Positive Outcomes

With Adverity by their side, Digital Matter not only benefits from automated data integration and harmonization – significantly freeing up internal resources so their staff can focus on unlocking the key drivers to support the future growth and success of their clients. By request, Adverity provided Digital Matter with an Amazon Aurora relational database in order to provide the high-end performance needed for a modern data-driven advertising agency.

The cleaned, harmonized and highly granular datasets provided by Adverity are explored and visualized using Tableau. Close interaction between the two platforms provides an excellent outlet for exploring data. Here are some of the key benefits that Digital Matter got by implementing Adverity:

Dashboards and Visualizations for Accelerated Reporting

Ensured mutual understanding between Digital Matter's data analysts and their clients by presenting insights through easily-digestible dashboards and charts.

Automated Data Integration and Harmonization

Digital Matter now has a continual stream of harmonized and highly granular data at their fingertips- ready to explore and generate powerful insights.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Previously constrained by the limitations of manual and laborious methods of data acquisition, efficiency has skyrocketed since implementing Adverity.

“Adverity provides Digital Matter with data that is consistent and packaged, which makes it far easier to develop new capabilities and resources on behalf of our clients. Being able to easily explore proprietary accounts and dashboards for platforms such as Twitter and AdWords, certainly saves us a lot of time and we can now do this at a significantly lower cost than before.”

Rachel Mack, CEO at Digital Matter

If you want to learn in more detail what are the specific improvements and benefits that Digital Matter got by implementing Adverity, download the complete Case Study:

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