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Blog / How Marketing Analytics Can Help Telecoms Gain a Competitive Edge

How Marketing Analytics Can Help Telecoms Gain a Competitive Edge

Sitting on a gold mine of data that can be used to optimize marketing campaigns is one of the crucial aces all telecommunication companies have up their sleeve. Whether they are using it in the right way is a totally different story.

In the fast-moving, ultra-competitive telecoms sector, companies need to stay sharp, constantly innovating their services, honing their packages, and delivering exceptional customer experience. Our latest whitepaper explains how advanced analytics is creating a competitive advantage for data-centric telcos, with insight-driven marketing helping them to win and retain customers in a crowded marketplace.

The road to campaign optimization

The whitepaper describes how marketers at telcos can use KPIs and analytics effectively to optimize campaigns, through unifying different types of customer and ad-related data so they can compare like with like. And in doing so, they can accelerate your ROI, increase return on ad spend, and harness analytics to work out complex trends and identify new revenue opportunities.

We explain how marketing analytics can help you increase conversions by analyzing data across the many different channels you use to market your brand. And by applying analytics to customer micro-segments, you can more accurately target your customers with the right mix of packages, services, and price points.

Improve customer experience to reduce churn

Advanced analytics enables you to improve the customer experience by developing a deep understanding into how customers interact with your brand through multiple channels. And, by unifying and visualizing a full range of datasets, including CRM, demographic, psychographic, and usage data, you can give call center agents the detailed information they need to maximize customer value and satisfaction.

The paper discusses the reasons customers leave telecoms service providers in the short- or long-term, and how analytics can help to reduce churn. By deploying analytics technology to track customer attrition, you can locate specific problem areas, and remediate customer losses at critical points in time through sales and marketing activity.

Utilize predictive analytics

One exciting area of analytics that’s growing in popularity is predictive analytics, which uses data modeling, data mining and other AI techniques to help marketers and businesses anticipate customer behavior. This enables them to develop advanced strategies such as Next Best Action and Product Recommendation to improve sales, retention, and customer experience.

We also explore how marketers can benefit from network operations analysis, traditionally the remit of the IT department. However, by understanding and applying analytics to network-related data, it’s possible to proactively enhance the customer’s quality of experience through marketing and communications.

Market-leading analytics capabilities

Advanced analytics has the power to breathe new life into marketing and business strategies of telecoms, increasing revenues, transforming the customer experience, and generating significant competitive advantage.


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