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Blog / Strategic Playbook For Data-driven Agencies: The New Role of Marketing Analytics & Visualization

Strategic Playbook For Data-driven Agencies: The New Role of Marketing Analytics & Visualization

If you want to read the full "Strategic Playbook For Data-driven Agencies Part 2: The New Role of Marketing Analytics and Visualisation", feel free to download our lovely white paper here

Data-driven marketing is something of a hot topic right now. We dare to claim that 99.5% of all
companies are looking to improve their data to get the best insights into their business and
marketing performance. While we all know how important this is, there is no consensus on
other looming questions:

  • What does a perfect dashboard look like?
  • What are the most important KPIs to track?
  • How do you act on your insights?

In today’s world, the answer “it depends” is mostly correct. While some people would love to have simple answers to all of the above questions, we actually try to help our clients figure out how to find the best solutions and get the most from their marketing data.

Whether you are responsible for marketing or analytics in a startup, e-commerce, agency or large FMCG: there is no way to convey your message without a nice visual representation of your data. After all, our brains struggle to comprehend data presented in tables, they much prefer graphs, arrows and visuals. If you take the time to add some storytelling elements to your reporting, there is no way your audience will miss the integral parts of your findings. 

One thing seems to be clear, though: it is really hard to work with data. It lives in endless dark places. Collection and reporting processes are inherently tedious: logging into multiple tools, downloading reports, copy-pasting numbers into spreadsheets. Don't get us started on the
issues that too many spreadsheets's clear that marketers don’t like this part of their job.

Additionally, analysts spend three quarters of their time cleaning and manipulating data, instead of actual analysis. There simply has to be a better approach to marketing intelligence and reporting. And guess what? There is. We’ve collected a few important points to improve your analytics and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it.

If you want to know the full story, feel free to download the full white paper here

whitepaper datadriven marketing advertising agencies pt. 2

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