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Blog / Why G2 Reviews Are Important to Us

Why G2 Reviews Are Important to Us

The value of product reviews goes far beyond their ability to influence purchases. While peer recommendations are an essential resource for business decision-makers, especially with technology buys, they also provide a barometer of customer opinion that helps companies better understand and meet expectations.

Constant optimization is a default setting for most companies, with ongoing and painstaking reviews of how they do things driving improvements that make their products and services the best they can be. Basing these refinements on accurate insight is key, and a significant contributing aspect comes from the user, their experience, and feedback.

Through reviews, businesses can judge their success thus far, identify which adjustments could improve future results, and — most importantly — pinpoint the steps they must take to ensure the user is getting what they need.

That is why we see our new ranking in G2’s new Summer 2020 Report as an exciting opportunity to not just measure Adverity’s current position but also keep aiming higher.


Rising up the ranks

As the majority of firms will know, G2 is the business product review and ranking platform where verified users share experiences and feedback on software and tech. We’re proud to announce G2 has recognized Adverity as a leader in the Momentum Grid Report for tech that allows companies to make the most of their Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools.

This year’s numbers are looking good. In addition to remaining in the top three of the Grid Report for ETL Tools, Adverity has moved up to fourth place in the Momentum Grid Report for Marketing Analytics, which is dependent on both review growth and employee growth, and the Grid Report for Ecommerce Data Integration. Great strides have also been made in the Grid Report for Business Intelligence where we are now in 34th position as a high performer, a rise of 22 places having been previously ranked in 56th position.

But what matters most about these figures is the insight they provide. The rankings are based on a mix of user satisfaction, product popularity, and how likely users are to recommend the services to others. A jump in the leaderboard shows Adverity is progressing in its mission to maximize customer success and growth; especially as previous research has found that 97% of IT buyers rely on peer recommendations, ratings, and reviews when buying business software.

The numbers also offer a clearer view of the highest performing areas, and what needs to change and give an indication of where to focus to ensure customers can achieve even more.


Taking the good with the bad

As noted by Adverity’s CEO and Co-Founder, Alexander Igelsböck: “our platform plays a vital role in empowering digital teams with intelligent insights and helping enterprises become agile, and having a strong user experience is crucial to our success. Tapping into insights from reviews enables us to fuel developments that bolster every stage of the marketing funnel and user experience, whether that feedback is positive or negative.”

For Adverity, listening to positive customer voices is critical to identifying and expanding on what is working well, and instrumental to fine-tuning the metrics that make a difference to our users in tackling the challenges of data complexity. Plus, with a precise picture of the tools and products that deliver the greatest value for customers, Adverity can steer business evolution in the right direction for enduring user satisfaction and growth — covering everything from product development to marketing activity.

We also believe that paying attention to constructive feedback is equally as important. By recognizing and responding to negative reviews, companies can enhance their understanding of what customers expect and bring products and services in line with those expectations. That’s not to mention the beneficial impact this engagement can have on building trust, enhancing credibility, and driving up overall star ratings. In fact, past studies by the Harvard Business School reveal firms that go up by only one star can boost sales by as much as 9%.


Reviews are advantageous for all

Although frequently classed as a consumer-centric phenomenon, the pre-purchase ‘review check’ is becoming increasingly common for all buyers, businesses included. As the tech landscape keeps growing, company leaders are becoming more dependent on the views and expertise of their peers to help them sort through multiple tools and help inform decision-making, with over eight in ten (85%) reading up to 10 reviews before making their final tech choice.

For Adverity, the end result is an all-around win for buyers and suppliers. Customers have a wider pool of resources to draw on and a better chance of finding the product that fits their individual needs. Meanwhile, tech providers gain an in-depth window into the way they are perceived and how they can adapt to deliver what their customers want.

Long live the age of reviews.


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