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Blog / Adverity Update: New API Connectors Added To Our Library

Adverity Update: New API Connectors Added To Our Library

Getting the big picture of your advertising can be complicated. You often have to log into multiple tools to get your campaign performance numbers before you're able to create a meaningful report for your client or stakeholders. More still, this tedious process is prone to human errors and represents a highly inefficient use of your team's resources. Fortunately, Adverity is here to help you automate this entire process. We easily connect to your favourite sources and provide all the relevant data when and where you need it.

Our team continues to work hard to provide access to more destinations and data sources. We're happy to announce that we've recently introduced seven new pre-configured API connectors:  

  • Snowflake This cloud-based data warehouse seems to be the new favourite kid on the data block following a massive investment. Our data acquisition and transformation engine can easily send all your marketing data to Snowflake for you to access using your favourite BI tool.
  • STAT A limitless rank tracker and SERP analytics. With STAT, users can receive daily updates for search engine visibility and keyword demand. STAT also provides weekly updates on who you are competing with for specific keywords and allows you to track a specific competitor full-scale.
  • Lotamea data management platform for marketers, agencies and publishers to empower product, marketing and business decision making. Collect and connect data from any source, including emails, social media, blog posts, marketing campaigns and more.  
  • AdWords Traffic Estimatora valuable keyword tool that helps you determine what keywords drive the most valuable traffic to your website. AdWords traffic estimator identifies new keyword opportunities and search trends.
  • Celtraa creative management platform for digital advertising. It's a SaaS platform for digital display and video advertising that enables users to build and host data-driven video and interactive display ads.
  • Baidua Chinese internet search provider that also offers an e-commerce platform.  

To request more information or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us - we're here to help. In the meantime, click here to see our full connector library!

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