API Data Connectors Library

Connect to any cloud service or database by leveraging probably the largest marketing API connector library on the market.

We’re always expanding our data connector library. Though, this makes it increasingly difficult for us to keep our website up-to-date and showcase the vast selection of connections we have available.

Our API library of preconfigured connections will only continue to grow – making it easier than ever to integrate all your marketing data under one central hub.

If there’s a data connector you require that is not listed below, please let us know. We’ll make sure it is available to use when you sign up.

Adform API adform
Adition adition
Adjust adjust
Adledge API Adledge
Adman API Adman
Adobe Analytics adobe analytics
Adobe Marketing Cloud adobe marketing cloud
Adroll Adroll
AdScanner adscanner
Adslot Symphony Adslot symphony
Advanced Web Ranking Advanced Web Ranking
Affilinet Affilinet
Apache Spark Apache Spark
Amazon Marketing Services Amazon Marketing Services
Amazon Redshift Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3 Amazon S3
Amazon Webservices Amazon Webservices Web Services
App Annie app annie
App Figures app figures
App Nexus Appnexus App Nexus
AppsFlyer appsflyer
AppTweak App Tweak Apptweak
Apple Search Ads Apple Search Ads
Atlas Atlas
Awin Awin
Baidu API Baidu API
Barb Barb Broadcasters Audience Research Board
belboon Belboon
Bing Ads Bing Ads
Bing Webmaster Tools API Bing Webmaster Tools API
Brandwatch Brandwatch
Campaign monitor Campaign monitor
Celtra Celtra
ChannelPilot ChannelPilot
CJ Affiliate CJ Affiliate
Cleverreach Cleverreach Clever Reach
Cognos Cognos
Comscore Comscore
Criteo Criteo
CSV csv
DAP dap
Databases Databases
Digistore24 Digistore24 digistore 24
Digital Control Digital Control
DoubleClick by Google DoubleClick by Google
DoubleClick by Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange
DoubleClick Bid Manager DoubleClick Bid Manager
DoubleClick Campaign Manager DoubleClick Campaign Manager
DoubleClick for Publishers DoubleClick for Publishers
DoubleClick Search DoubleClick Search
Dropbox Dropbox
Econda Econda
Egnyte Egnyte
Emarsys Emarsys
Email Email
eTracker API etracker
Exactag Exactag
Facebook App Events Facebook App Events
Facebook Ad Insights Facebook Ad Insights Ads
Facebook Page Insights Facebook Page Insights
Feed Dynamix Feed Dynamix
FlashTalking Flashtalking Flash Talking
Flurry flurry
Focus Research API Focus Research
Forever Software Online Wizard Forever Software Online Wizard
FTP file transfer protocol FTP file transfer protocol
Fyber Fyber
Gemius Adocean Gemius Adocean
Gemius Direct Effect Gemius Direct Effect
GFK Evogenius GFK Evogenius
Google Content Google Content
Google Ads Data Hub Google Ads Data Hub
Google Adwords Google Adwords
Google Adwords Traffic Estimator Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
Google Analytics Core Reporting Google Analytics Core Reporting
Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels
Google Analytics Real Time Google Analytics Real Time
Google Attribution 360 Google Attribution 360
Google Big Query API Google Big Query API
Google Cloud Platform API Google Cloud Platform API
Google Drive Google Drive
Google Firebase Google Firebase
Google My Business Google My Business
Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
Google Shopping Google Shopping
Google Stackdriver Monitoring Google Stackdriver Monitoring
Google Trends Google Trends
Hadoop hadoop
Hubspot Hubspot
Hybris Hybris
httpool httpool
IBM Customer Experience Analytics IBM Customer Experience Analytics
IBM Analytics IBM Analytics
IBM Silverpop IBM Silverpop
Instagram Instagram
Instagram Business API Instagram Business API
Intelliad Intelliad
Inxmail Inxmail
Ironsource Ironsource iron source
Atlassian JIRA Atlassian JIRA
Kelkoo Kelkoo
Kenshoo Kenshoo
Klick Tipp Klick Tipp
Kochava Kochava
Krux API Krux
Link Link
Linkedin linkedin
Lionshome lionshome
Lotame Lotame
Magento Magento
Mailchimp Mailchimp
Mailgun Mailgun
Marin marin
MediaMath mediamath
Media Ocean MediaOcean Media Ocean
MediaWizard MediaWizard Media Wizard
Meetrics API meetrics
Microsoft Azure SQL Microsoft Azure SQL
Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive for Business Microsoft OneDrive for Business
Microsoft SharePoint Server Microsoft SarePoint Server
Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Server
Mixpanel Mixpanel
Moat moat
Moz Moz
Nativex Nativex
Nielsen Nielsen
Omniture Omniture
One by Aol One by AOL 1
Open Weather Map Open Weather Map
Oracle Oracle
Oracle Marketing Cloud Oracle Marketing Cloud
Outbrain Outbrain
Performance Horizon API Performance Horizon
Pinterest Pinterest
Plista Plista
Postgresql Postgresql
Priceza Priceza
Profitmax Profitmax
Qualiant qualiant
Red Pineapple Media Red Pineapple Media
Rest API Rest Api
Retail Solutions Retail Solutions
Retail Next Retail Next Retailnext
Salesforce salesforce
Salesforce DMP API salesforce dmp
SAP Business Intelligence SAP Business Intelligence
Searchmetrics Searchmetrics
Shopalike ladenzeile Shopalike Ladenzeile
Shopify Shopify
Shopware Shopware
Similarweb Similarweb
Sistrix Sistrix
Sizmek Rocketfuel DSP Sizmek Rocketfuel DSP
Sizmek Sizmek
Sizmek NXT Sizmek NXT
Sklik Sklik
Slack Slack
Smec Smec
Smec AdEngine API Smec AdEngine
Snapchat Snapchat Ads
Snowflake Snowflake
Sophus3 Sophus3
Spotwatch Spotwatch
Sprinklr Sprinklr
STAT Search Analytics STAT Search Analytics
Teradata Teradata
Toggl Toggl
TubeMogul TubeMogul
Twitter Twitter
Twitter Ads twitter ads
Twitter public analytics twitter public analytics
VKontakte VKontakte
Uberall Uberall
Videology Videology
Walkbase Walkbase
Webtrekk Webtrekk
Webtrends webtrends
whoop whoop
Wiredminds Wiredminds
WordPress wordpress
Xaxis xaxis
Xing Xing
XML xml
Yahoo Gemini yahoo gemini
Yandex Direct Yandex Direct
YouTube Analytics YouTube Analytics
YouTube Youtube
Zanox Zanox
Zendesk Zendesk
Zervice Zervice
Zip Zip

Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it possible for one program to communicate and interact with another.In the case of digital marketing, APIs are here to help save you time, money and human resources. Adverity uses APIs so that you can effortlessly integrate data from all your favourite marketing tools without having to use a single line of code.

Our API connector library is continually maintained and updated by us – meaning there’s no groundwork required from you.

Once all your data sources have been on-boarded, you can set up automation to make that data available for further use.

Gain real-time insights into your marketing performance – claim your free trial today!

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